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  1. also that it has T and A scenes on the world famopus Freemont street hahahah
  2. +6+ i heard that they already made Rounders 2 but they wont let htem release it because it gives away too much.
  3. There is a neew poker poker movie out caled Poker Knights. I hvae not seem it yet on account of the antibiotics. DOes anyone know if you can see this on Apple TV?
  4. "Jumping the shark iS" something you stole from HappyDays. Are you harrassing the Fonzie too mr. award winng poker screenplay?
  5. There was a recent movie called Runner Runner about poker, I did not see it. It starred JustinTImberlake as ricie first and other actors too. Someone said it was like Rounders part 2 did anyone likeit?
  6. I haver a new screenplay about a man who writes an award winning screenplay about the poker/gamin./life in Las vEGAS THAT IS STOLEN AND THE REAL WRITer is the victum of an award winning attack and harrass attack by a 3x award sreenplay writer. I will not let you raed it.
  7. All the lawyer gobbdelegook gives me a headache. i am sticking to brivk and mortar style poker.
  8. I would not play with him unitil I get my 67 dollars back. They shoukld make a movie about this.
  9. Thanks AJS510 I like to make money, but I do not like to get any letters from lawyers. I have had enough lawyer stuff.
  10. i do not know whatthe hell you are talking about. i do not like the lawyer talk. do i get some money?
  11. I looked that up on the internet and it is not a poker movie. this is a poker movie zone. Have you seen big hand for a little lady? it is a poker movie about a lady.
  12. i know! It is a very funny story. It is like you would think that the writer of the two time awardwinning screenplay vegas knigths would want peoplw to see his name. and read his script! It is almost likwe he is not the real writer of vegas knights! Like he is lying and does not want the real award winning witer to find out! And I am not him - i am a diferent guy who just wants to talk poker movies.
  13. Many of you dont know that in the 80s Kenny ROgers had a poker movie on TV CALLED THE GAMBLER - IT WAS BASED ON HIS HIT SONG ALSO CALLED THE GAMBLER.
  14. I know hes sending you all Pms about me - dont beleive what he says! Its not true!
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