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  1. Congrats DN. Was watching the stream until it crashed & missed the ending but it looked like you were playing very well & were in good control.
  2. Western Conference: Series #1 (1) Chicago vs. (7) Detroit Series #2 (5) LA Kings vs. (6) San Jose Eastern Conference: Series #3 (1) Pittsburgh vs. (7) Ottawa Series #4 (4) Boston vs. (6) NY Rangers In the West I have Chicago taking out Detroit & the Kings beating San Jose but we learned a few things from the first round & playoffs past. Series #1. We learned(if we didn't already know it) that Jimmy Howard, Detroit's goalie is for real. Detroit is getting the goaltending & has been in playoff mode for a long time now & if they can continue this
  3. This is retarded. Hope you don't actually believe this BS.
  4. Forgive me if these have been posted: Shit didn't work.
  5. Definitely a random but cool gif.
  6. Big congrats you crazy canuck. I watched the stream. Looked like you had it under control other than spiking that Q against George T. Well deserved win altough I don't think they should count towards WSOP bracelet counts.
  7. Gaborik scored the game winner in his debut tonight against the Predators. Looks like a trade that should work out for both teams.
  8. A video made by SrslySirius depicting Daniel's worst nightmare about appearing on a reality dating show. Enjoy. http://www.pokertube.com/videos/high-society-pilot-by-srslysirius/ Daniel Negreanu signs up for a reality TV show and gets far more than he bargained for.
  9. Totally disagree with this. We don't know the whole story & don't point out the "stats" because we all know stats can be skewed. I'm not saying he was right to do it , just we don't know what happened all season. It looks like this locker room was divided & that is a coaching failure not a player failure. Again I'm not defending that, I'm just pointing out that there is plenty of blame to go around & we don't know the whole story. I've seen lots of s**t in locker rooms that would just make you shake your head.
  10. You should cross post this on 2+2 to get more exposure for the charity. Oh wait......nevermind Of course we know Daniel is only doing this for good PR because according to a new 2+2 thread poll, Daniel is one of the top 10 most hated poker players ahead of Russ Hamilton & Annie Duke who didn't make the list. Seriously, it's a real poll on 2+2 in NVG. Daniel has actually received votes ahead of Howard Lederer & others. Bunch of morons on 2+2.
  11. I know he's Daniel's friend & all but I never liked him. He always seemed so full of himself & arrogant kinda like that stereotypical captain of the football team in high school. Good thing he doesn't have to pay that 2 million back to FTP he'd be screwed for life if he isn't already.
  12. That was a very good read. I love these stories about the infancy of something big & all the problems they encountered.
  13. Daniel stated in his last video blog that he would be responding to the criticism he received regarding the Eris Lindgren situation from HV very shortly. Well it's been almost 3 weeks now, let's hear it.
  14. Great job on the interview & thanks to Daniel for being there for a great cause.
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