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  1. Daniel, After perusing 4, your responses, and some information on the net, my feeling is that a lot of criticism directed towards you is fueled by jealously towards your stature in the poker world combined with the 'easy target' concept. By putting yourself out on a limb and revealing some of your imperfections and insecurities as a person, people are prone to attack and try to bring down the part of you that is more vulnerable, in contrast to your relatively super strong image as a poker player. People love to see successful people brought down. I had problems and identified areas I
  2. Kudos for putting up 50k!!! Wife and I will do what we can but I'm just wondering: if we put up the $2500, do we have to still hang out with you and stuff? Jk don't have that kind of dough to donate, will do what we can
  3. Bob, based on the reports of what went down, MM's policy of not allowing promotion of charity on the the forum is justified. DN is courageous and outspoken, and I appreciate him for that, but he got this one wrong. Whether or not the actual charity raised money is overshadowed by the rip off perpetrated by Jasep. The appearance of ANY impropriety is overwhelmingly damaging to any argument for allowing charities to be promoted on two plus two. Witteles should also feel like a moron. The guy runs poker fraud alert and ends up vouching for a guy with a history of being criminally dishonest.
  4. Warning: the following may be deemed offensive. If Bob or other powers that be view this as inappropriate, let me know. Johnny Hughes has his poker stories and I have mine. I hope u guys find this entertaining. I just want Ron Mexico to comment. That's all I've ever wanted l . . . Location: unit j3, Mci concord, 2011 Game: 11 max nlo/nlhe (dealers' choice) cash errrr canteen Stakes:$2.00 for 50 chips (a "bank") Players: Mostly laggy blacks, a couple passive Spanish guys, another white guy who doesn't play all that much, and me half Chinese half Irish (yes I've been blessed) Wh
  5. I've only been back playing online in US for 3 months but Bovada has been pretty good to me. The tables are anonymous (no screen names) and no trackoing software allowed, and rumors of more bots and collousion than usual but it doesnt seem to effect the micro and low limits to the point where it's not beatable. I deposited w Moneygram and cashout only takes 2-3 days w $20 fee on 200.00 cashout. Not much bonuses and no rakeback but it seems more trustworthy than other sites I hear about in US. Hope this helps
  6. Surprised they shot him after they got the dough. He's either gonna give it up or not. Once he did, why shoot the poor prick?
  7. Are anon tables and the chances of playing w bots at micro to mid stakes making bovada really not worth playing? I honestly didn't think so but maybe it's affecting people at higher stakes.
  8. Bovada will take visa pre paid cards but make sure the card specifies it can be used online and internationally. They will also take money gram, which is the way I deposited. The fees are only 11.99 and they will reimburse you if your deposit is 300 or more. I don't know why more Americans aren't playing at bovada. They seem to be the only us site that gets pays within 2 wks, the games are soft, and customer service is always available by phone. The only cons is the lack of a rake back and high rake, but I like having money on a site that is making good bread. At FTP everyone and their mo
  9. Harkin- There is a huge difference between advising someone you know not to lend to a poor risk and contributing to rumors and innuendos in public about someone you most likely don't know and will never know. EL and and any like him are not going to be trying to borrow from anyone on this forum, unless they already have a relationship of some sort. The vigilance I'm referring to might include requests for references, but again, that should be handled privately, not in a public domain. My main point is that going public with complaints about private business never seems like the best
  10. The main point of DN's that I can wholeheartedly agree with is his assertion that private debts should remain private, not to be adjudicated on Internet forums by gossip-mongers. While some think those who have shown themselves to be untrustworthy should be publicly outed in to order to save others from being victimized, I think people should be more vigilant with their money/lending practices and refuse to lend money unless they can be assured that they will be repaid, not just because the prospective borrower was on tv a couple times and has a good reputation. Without that vigilance the le
  11. I don't know DN so I am not in a position to recommend how he should deal w playing in a cash game w HL but I am inclined to think that he is putting a lot of unnecessary thought and energy into a negative situation. As for the rest of the poker community, the petitions and peer pressure on HL is all fine and dandy but at the end of the day why don't some of the high limit players just grab HL off the felt and let him know he is not to come around any more. You don't need none of this high school girl gossip, petitions, etc. You don't need to be a capable guy to tell this POS he can't come
  12. After my wife cr-bluffed me on the river in a 4-8 Lhe for the third time in 2 hrs at Foxwoods and I had to borrow more money from her in front of the table. I whispered in her ear, "babe, I only got enough for the blinds can I borrow another buy in?" She then loudly exclaimed "again?" I muttered something about how bad her cooking is (under my breath of course) and sheepishly walked away.
  13. Vk, my man, how should I remit the payment of 75k (certainly a bargain when one considers how much '21' made)? After talking to some friends in Hollywood they assured me that purchasing an award winning screenplay that was hawked on an Internet poker forum (w/price included no less) would most definitely be a +ev decision. After all, who uses agents in Hollywood anymore anyways?
  14. Lol. Can always count on family guy for a few moderately inexpensive laughs. We got fox and the cw networks so I was able to check family guy, the dad show w/Stan, etc. I'll check out ur blog. Never been super proficient w computers but should b able to handle basics like clicking on a link. Anyone know how these card rooms are in ma? Evaluations of bovada for sportsbook and poker- primarily re payout, financial integrity?
  15. Yeah kg gave him cold shoulder. I remember you bob. The good ol voice of reason in this crazy world/poker universe. Is Ron Mexico still alive? I remember him too- so freakin entertaining
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