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  1. Hey all,Im late to the thread - Im currently 2200 out of 300 left. Anyone else in?
  2. Hey Guys,Im still in - have 20K chips. yay!
  3. Think it would be too much to ask Justin to say "I accept" the next time he calls an all in?
  4. I had my first Starbucks coffee last week, and it wasnt bad at all. It did take me a few minutes to try and get the lingo down to order a coffee there though.Im currently working throughout Quebec, and some Timmie's still have the roll up to win cups.VIVA LA TIM HORTONS
  5. This is the first Sunday that I have off from work in over 2 years.....!!Its my first time playing the 100k....is it pretty loose?
  6. Only thing I can say is holy crap....He must be big time busto
  7. lolI wondered about the duct tape as well !
  8. I love your avatars and signature pics! I still remember one you had some time ago with Winnie the pooh as a pimp.....lol
  9. Hey,I have played at yellowhead a few times since October. I fly back and forth from Newfoundland and usually go to yellowhead during extended stopovers.I love the 1-2 game there - I did play in a sunday tourny there in December - think it was a $50 buyin with a $20 add on.
  10. I LOL'D.......then LOL'D some more.......then went into repeat LOL mode for several minutesheh
  11. pele,Do you play on everest poker?
  12. I could use one!towerguy (Clarenville)But I cant play until next week though....3 month old baby girls are almost as demanding (and expensive) as their mothers!Edit - looks like they are all gone, thanks anyway!
  13. Very nice sir!Keep it up..and oh ya, make me ur protege
  14. Hello Davina,Welcome to FCP!Is that you in the avatar?
  15. Adam,I just logged on and seen this.....as was said many times before, congrats! And ya.....teach me too!!!
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