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  1. Hey all,Im late to the thread - Im currently 2200 out of 300 left. Anyone else in?
  2. Hey Guys,Im still in - have 20K chips. yay!
  3. Think it would be too much to ask Justin to say "I accept" the next time he calls an all in?
  4. I had my first Starbucks coffee last week, and it wasnt bad at all. It did take me a few minutes to try and get the lingo down to order a coffee there though.Im currently working throughout Quebec, and some Timmie's still have the roll up to win cups.VIVA LA TIM HORTONS
  5. This is the first Sunday that I have off from work in over 2 years.....!!Its my first time playing the 100k....is it pretty loose?
  6. Only thing I can say is holy crap....He must be big time busto
  7. lolI wondered about the duct tape as well !
  8. I love your avatars and signature pics! I still remember one you had some time ago with Winnie the pooh as a pimp.....lol
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