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  1. It is exactly because of this that Europe is being taken over by Islam. Did you not read my post?
  2. In 30-50 years, you will be happy to live in a Christian country. Guess what? America got it right. Europe is being taken over by Muslims and before too long America will be the last stronghold to Western society, and one of the reasons for this is our strong Christianity.
  3. Oh but some deserve to be tortured for eternity?
  4. What's it about? Details?
  5. Look who's talkin Mr. Picker and Chooser. He uses correct grammar and has a nice power point, hmph.
  6. No, it means it doesn't matter if they exist or not.
  7. Oh okay so God wants us mortals to have unending patience but the all powerful being gets a free pass to be angry now and then? That doesn't make sense. And where does it say in the Bible that the rule does NOT apply to God? Jesus said the 77x7 rule, and jesus lived by what he said, and jesus was god. You see?
  8. No, there's not limits. 77x7 is how often we are told to forgive, meaning endless times.
  9. Jou lik dat mengh? Eh? fock jou..
  10. At least address the forgiveness of sins. That seems to be a blatant contradiction. God will forgive ALL SINS it says some places, but in others it says there is an unforgiveable sin. Which is it? And should we fear God or not fear God? It seems to be a blatant contradiction. Enlighten me.
  11. You missed the point of my post. I was not questioning a broad, deistic belief in God, but rather the OP's supposed atheism/agnosticism because of doctrinal disagreements.
  12. No, prove it in a scientific sense.
  13. You made the statement, or thereabouts: Science should applied to all aspects of life, and nothing can be considered (reasonably) to be true unless it is verified by science.I am assuming you think the above statement is true, so I am asking you to verify it scientifically.
  14. It's a good and worthwhile read, though you're just going to have to get past the arrogance of Dawkins. You say you'd like to believe in God but just don't agree with his prescribed doctrines? Eh? How does your personal interpretation of his doctrines bear pertinence to his existence (or lack thereof)?? If you accept the existence of God you must abide by the doctrines, whether you "agree with them" or not.
  15. Damn, sir you have a point. Gee whiz, I guess that means the earth must be 6000 years old! Silly me, all these years believing the "evidence" and looking at those stupid "rock sediments". LOL! It all makes sense now.
  16. Lois, by your reasoning, you have personally killed thousands of people.
  17. Libertarianism is far right, communism is far left.
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