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  1. I was watching the game, not cheering for either team but hoping for a Leafs loss, it was killing me to see the Leafs up 4-1 in the third. I said to myself if the Leafs win the cup I'll have to go back and congratulate serge. Then it happened, but I did not cheer or dance, I was just shocked and ultimately I felt bad for Toronto, you deserved better. I seriously would rather get eliminated the way the Habs did after being down 3-1 in the series, than fall apart at the end of game 7 like that. In the long run, a team might grow more going to 7 games, but the hurt is so much worse. Hopef
  2. ...and bob hartley coach. I would hate that.I want to see Roy behind the bench.
  3. in an effort to actually get through habs games these days, tonight I placed my first ever online hockey bet. money line Habs to win -110. whoohoo!I won't miss Kostitsyn but I do wish we got a bit more return. His stock was probably higher earlier this season. Gauthier is a chump, would have been a good idea to fire him before the trade deadline, but I don't think anyonne else could have done much more considering how slow trade deadline day was. I can't imagine a world where Gauthier is still around past June.
  4. re: supreme court judge.If a francophone defends his case all the way to the supreme court of Canada and then runs into a judge who can't understand him express himself in one of the official languages of the country I think something is amiss. re: french coachAs a minority culture we have to support ourselves. One way to do so on a macro scale is by supporting local content. From a business perspective you want to hire local content at equal competence, or else you hire from abroad. If we were bringing in an anglophone coach who has a proven record in the NHL and won cups the argument for a a
  5. I thnink the coach in Montreal has to be bilingual.I thought for a second when he got fired that maybe it could work to have an anglophone coach in Mtl given the poor run of french coaches we've had lately. But in reality it just isn't right for the coach to be anglophone. It's like having MPs in quebec that don't speak french, or a judge on the supreme court who desn't speak french. (both have happened btw and has casued outrage). The coach is the PR outlet to the team, and to pbut a anglophone coach in place definitely a bit insulting to the majority of the fan base.We have to support each o
  6. howdy y'all , ìt's been while.So far kaberle has been a very nice addition with 5 points in 4 games.I was at the Bell Centre twice in the last 2 weeks. I saw the game where we lost to columbus in a shootout. It was the least energetic crowd I had been a part of, boring game. Then i was there for the Philly game where we lost 4-3. We blew balls in the 3rd but the 1st and and 2nd period were fantastic. Getting to see Louis Leblanc first goal was crazy. I souldn't hear myself yelling it was so loud in there. Louis looked like he was soiling his pants when he was getting the ovation. I don't blame
  7. I don't like prostesting but I don't know how to show it.
  8. 'Spartacus' star Andy Whitfield has died Andy Whitfield, who appeared in the Starz period drama "Spartacus: Blood and Sand," has died, the network confirmed.Whitfield died Sunday of non-Hodgkin lymphoma in Sydney, Australia. He was 39.booo, cancer sucks
  9. i was very gun ho about the hole lisfestyle change earlier this year then at one point I just changed back, about 4 months in. I put back on a bit of what I lost but mostly i regret having given up what was really working for me. The weight loss chalenge helped keep me accountable. Lets do a weight loss chalenge over the entire hockey season, from asap to the last regular season game.
  10. Sorry guys but I have to retire the Crazy Dicres from this league. Too many time constraints so I have to cut down the number of pools I am in. I will get and up date from the Ice Holes and see where he stands but I have a feeling he`ll want to continue if you guys are still cool with it.
  11. The first one was painfully bad. The remake didn't improve on it very much.
  12. this has to be spoiler taged. I didn't know and didn't want to know.
  13. maybe becasue you were receiving updates from a broadcaster that caters to French Canadiens. People who wathced Jean Paul Tremblay play in Val d'Or and get drafted in the 7th round were probably extatic to get that text whereas the 7th pick of the habs leaves everybody indifferent. note that I don't know if jean paul tremblay got drafted in the 7th round or if he ever played for Val d'Or, it's just the best quebecois name I could think up at the time.
  14. I streamed the Toronto event with GSP. www.myp2p.eu the forum has a fighting section with a thread with all the fighthing events for the week. They post a bunch of links there. Some of the links you need a player to use, TVU and sopcast work ok, you need to dl the software but its free. The best quality is with the Veetle player. You also have to dl the software but it runs from your browser. Sometimes veetle cuts out for 5 minutes for copyright reasons, so I always have a second feed on hand incase it happens during the fight.but yeah, I still stream.
  15. From the perspective of someone who read the books first, I found that the TV series delivers. A lot of the book simply doesn't translate to TV beacause of the way teh book is narrated. Every chapeter is written from a different caracters perspective, so you really get to discover the characters personnality and you find dualities that are generated by these changing perspectives. That's one of the reasons the books are so good, the story is awesome too so the combination is an epic win.The TV show can only tell the story from a 3 persons perspective, but small details were woven in that remin
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