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  1. i don't play HE much, but i've notice a new trend in some micro NL games. People sit at a 10 seat table with 2 bucks at .05/.10 if anyone limps their BB, they raise all in. (usually for .19 haul).If someone min raises their BB, they'll be all in.They consistently raise .50 cents, if they get a caller they are all in on the flop. some of the time they have hands..but alot of the time its A rag or mid pp..05/.10 is not gonna make or break anyone, but i've been pretty much picking these players apart, and there is ALOT of them. I guess it must be profitable to play like they do, but i seen one of
  2. kt, what was yer hand, the sweat from the big stack to act was driving me crazy.gg and tyvm for the stake poto
  3. i hear ya i was hoping to make a better showing
  4. and i'm spentcan't beat ace rag on PSgot moved to a new table with 700 in chipsfolded to sb, they raised, i had KJ in the BB so i went all inthey showed A8, board blanked to the river
  5. well the horseys for potmo, are in 110774731
  6. i made the mistake of mixing it up early and folding winners to donks overplaying their hands, now i'm holding for a monster.
  7. in that tourney ty for steak, GL everyone TID
  8. I'd do it but i'm running really bad, gl whoever the horse is!so i joined a .10 cent 360 to get a feel for how people play on PS...its alot different than UB
  9. yowch, so KNollie only one left huhoh man i read that as them having quad 4s, they called that raise with a pair of 4s...ridiculousi lost with a pair of 9s too, guy rivered a straight.
  10. ah man that sucks, knollie runnin good tho!
  11. wait, knollie, flamin and puck are you doing another? Two barrage posts are confusing me
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