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  1. Clearly, MyWebATM has the absolute worst customer service. It is pretty much pointless to call them, and, after a heated phone conversation with them myself on Friday, I'm now convinced that they only hire the most incompetent people.
  2. Please post results....I have family in Princeton, WV and would like to come up to play some live poker.
  3. Good point. The forum could really do without many of its members.
  4. He really contributes a lot when you think about it. Even taking people's money for a living can teach them something.
  5. Salt and Vinegar, and Doritos
  6. KUNIS..not even close!
  7. How about a personal chef? I have cooking experience, and I work cheap. Message me if you are interested.
  8. Good Game! Congratulations!
  9. Out in 3rd....just couldn't get anything going after my pocket rockets were cracked. There's always next time...
  10. 3 handed...i'm chip leader....just took a hit when the short stack moved all in with 88 and I called with AA. He caught a 8 on the flop
  11. Thanks guys! I did state that though. No wonder DN hates what this place has become. I think many share his opinion.
  12. I know it isn't a very big buy in, but I'm working on my MTT play. $5 +$.50 buy in 90 max sit n go on Full Tilt, Tournament #13712260. Final Table just began. I'm 5th out of 9 currently with 20,235 in chips.
  13. And I'm out. 148th out of 701. Just couldn't get any hands after the first hour.
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