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  1. We are right near the Hayward Fault. This is pretty terrifying stuff. Here's an interesting pic of the tsunami inside the Golden Gate:
  2. Hey guys, here is my summary of yesterday's hearing (long time no speak!):http://donsturdy.com/node/64
  3. GL to all FCPers!! Long time no post for me, but I'll be playing Event No. 4 on Sunday, and possibly the DSE O8 event on Tuesday.
  4. holla! weird to see more longstanding hideout members living in exile. I should stop by more often.
  5. pmk-one


    It should just take a couple of days, and you will be assigned to a league, given players, etc. You then have to go through a licensing process which earns you some operating cash. The game play is fairly self-explanatory, but here's a quick guide one of my buddies created with some management tips (but there is all sorts of info out there, or you can send me a pm with specific questions):One of the first things to do is hire a new coach. It's under Training and the link is at the bottom right. Hire an external one, fond of attacking, poor leadership, passable skill level (external is cheape
  6. pmk-one

    Wine Thread

    Oakland / The Town. Do you live in the Bay?
  7. pmk-one

    Wine Thread

    This to me is definitely the key to enjoying wine, I just wish I was better about taking down notes. I just checked out this thread, and wanted to note a few of my favorites:I am definitely a Pinot fan, and my absolute favorite is Merry Edwards. Other California pinots I like are Williams Selyem, Davis Bynum, Papapietro Perry, and Miner (a rare good Napa pinot). For Oregon, I like Van Duzer and a small producer called Stevenson Barrie (met the winemakers several years ago, and then recently re-discovered them at a restaurant in Portland).The best wine I've ever had is probably the 1994 Colg
  8. pmk-one


    I guess I deserve that, and will probably be stepping away from the "submit" button for a while (jeez!). Whatever happened, that was pretty sick. It looks like two of them got deleted, so that's good. Anyway, I added the substance of the message to this post.
  9. pmk-one

    The Hideout

    It's timeless. Truer words have never been spoken, and I really don't see how I can change it.
  10. pmk-one

    The Hideout

    now what would have given you that idea?
  11. You have been lucky. The regular ones are fine, but definitely avoid the baked style (although they are strangely addictive after you get over the fact that your mouth is on fire).
  12. pmk-one


    Is anybody on the forum playing Hattrick: http://www.hattrick.org/?It's a soccer sim (rather than a fantasy league) that is really more about economics than sports. Even though most Americans don't like soccer, it's pretty addictive. If you play, post info about your team!
  13. Has anybody tried the Archer Farms baked Salt & Pepper chips? I found them nearly inedible; way too spicy.
  14. pmk-one

    The Hideout

    hollatoo many posts too read, many new faces. can somebody give me a recap of, oh, say the last six months or so?
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