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    Numbers/logic games:poker and sudoko, shooting pool, playing a mean game of race cars with my 2.5 yr old son and alot of tickles with my 4 mth old girl. Can cook gourmet for 6 or bbq for 20.
  1. plo 6 player max (1-2 and lower)what are you 3 bet pre flop requirements?This is one I have been having a tough time with, I have tried connectors with at least one suited and one of my favorites is ace suited with 3 connectors esp a1098 types and if I think I can get it heads up the aaxx single suited. Also, how much does your postion factor in?
  2. I missed the chance to defend my title which I feel bad about.But missing Jamie's ranting in ALL CAPS is like missing grandma's thanksgiving dinner. lol
  3. K Ching again!Though it was sick run of cards in the om8 that did it.This should put me back atop the leader board in cash and points, come get some!
  4. I like the first call on the reraise but when the UTG re pops it and given ur read I dont think I would call. But once you do, the flop bet is ur best chance, 2 pr could even take it down.
  5. sorry yes I confused sb pf raise with bb bet out. Then I agree call, but might fold if sb check/raises and bb calls, I would think I was up against better draw and a set.
  6. what's your read on his pf raise? HAs he been raising alot to build pots or raising with quality hands?On the flop his 1/2 pot best tell you what, did he hit trips maybe Jacks? straight draw? over pair or 2 pair? You have a good draw not great though and would only be badly behind if they had a better straight draw, imho.
  7. thanks for the installement.B ut this might make it tougher for me to do damage on teh Neg-o horse, lol. Looking forward to more.
  8. little brag postsng 54 person 3.30 rebuynumber of rebuys: 0hours playing: 2places paid: 5: 4 cash, 1 ticketfinished: 1stThe chief is happy even though he no longers had 69 posts >
  9. unable to play this week but if I am eligible would be available 22nd.
  10. Had this happen to me in a qualifier for protege 2, was playing a fellow FCPer and so a degree of respect was given, XX44466XX gave me 5 minutes and then took me out. This was very proper of him and I would do the same in the reverse circumstances. My 2 cents.
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