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  1. I always check these hoping I wasn't in the hand...
  2. In my opinion, the best combination of cash play/tournament dominance would be bigslick789. I'd say this is because most just focus on one or the other. B Buddy C.K.H@££INGGOLthorladenthedonatoriMsoLucky0strassa2ragdeTheTakeover (WPT winner Nick Shulman)Those are some fantastic players y'all may not have heard ofand PICKLED EGG is Bill Gazes, not Dan Harrington, you can bank on it
  3. I'm a bit confused by all of this, why would y'all check the river? Granted, I would've been betting harder on the turn. (much harder, 'cause if he's calling the 3/4 bet on the flop, i'd go at least that big on the turn) Is this results oriented thinking? There is no way I am putting him on a BACKDOOR spade draw if he calls that much on the flop. Only way I am checking this river is if it filled a bunch of straights. I'm thinking my set is good, and possibly going broke to a donkey. I wouldn't be too upset though, considering how much money he would've had to call to get to the river...
  4. I'm probably capping preflop, and calling the flop. Is this too passive?After that I'm dumping when the turn comes a six, but I usually play full table, so maybe I'd be a little bit too tight on the six-maxes...
  5. JJ3x?Gotta be Chan. Maybe he's just superstitious?Y'all have heard his license plate JJJ33Hand that won him his first series or something like that...
  6. Am I the only person who saw this and thought of B Buddy on Pokerstars, who plays 10/20 NL occasionally and goes all in every hand? 2k a shot, regardless of what his cards are, pretty funny. Anyway he is just joking around like Daniel and was winning similar amounst of money (including when he took about a 10k pot with T3o against TWO overpairs ) That didn't cause people to want out, they just stayed and waited on a big hand. Meanwhile, the waiting list grew to over 40+ people on both of the tables he was at. Have fun with it people, adapt, and like everyone before me said; play with mon
  7. Thanks DDIDM and GL checkymcfold...
  8. I hate the pokerroom site and i cant find anything, can y'all give me a little basic info, like what is the purse and how much do you get for first? Any info on where' y'all stand right now with what 40? 50 left? would be great, thanks in advance...
  9. There was a player on UB named No_Limit_Pro and he made quite a bit of trouble and scammed a lot of people out of money who thought he was legit. From what I hear he was a good player and gained the trust of many top tourney players before walking off with their money. I have no idea if this is the same guy or if this is a scam, but I suggest anyone taking this seriously to do your homework, I don't want to hear about NLP doing his usual on this site too. Tread carefully and make sure you have some way of confirming you are going, if this is the same guy, he will take your money and will no
  10. the man giving the piggyback is Pokerstars player "Brett Favre" great pic whoever dug it up, i believe its from Jordan's Magic days...
  11. Good run Bijjy, you can gain a lot of solace in the fact that the man who eventually won the seat (DoubleLucky) is a phenomenal player. Good job and Good luck...
  12. Unless you are ultra patient, stay. It is very difficult to final table on PStars regardless of how good you are. I realize that the payouts look very tasty (and they are) but I have five final tables in my last couple weeks on UB (maybe 20 tourneys). Conversely, I have two final tables in PStars history (maybe 100 tourneys and I only made the final tables in stud
  13. Harry Cooper?Ok, maybe it isn't so hard.How'd you get that so quickly, but didn't know Hoch had more wins than Kenny Perry?
  14. ya but i dont like scott hoch. never have never will.Agreed. He is such a whiny little bitch. Who knows, maybe he would've won a British if he ever gathered the balls to go over there . But, we have to be fair, and that man who answered him deserves a cookie.
  15. Royal, (or anyone else for that matter)Do you know the real greatest player to never win a major (all-time)? This is a tough one, and no it is not subjective, we are going by most tour wins, no majors...
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