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    Thanks..but you missed the point of when the cards are up..i am a huge favorite!! I am getting it in with the best 95% of the time and still losing!! It seems i am evaluating the **** out of the other players as they get there money in against me as huge dogs.
  2. I don't have any hand histories to post. I am lucky that I have a computer at all since the thought of throwing my laptop out the window has occurred many times. I usually 4 table $5 sit'n go's on stars and tilt. I have been doing this off and on for 4 years or so making modest amounts. In the last week I have played some of my best poker. I have gotten my money in good about 95% of the time, but I am down $200 in the last seven days! What the fuk? Three outers, two outers, one outers, non-stop with the money in, in dominating positions. Its gotten to the point that I now expect to los
  3. The Open Farrell'sThe Hanson's
  4. I think Greenstein is way over his head on this one. He should have "open farrelled" on Liz Lieu.
  5. Hey,Just joined UB....and I cant for the life of me find the player search function. Am I blind or just retarded?Thnx.ps....havent been around for a while and this place is as entertaining as ever!
  6. cant find you...are you out already??
  7. He's not a mormon...he's the half brother of an Argo though!!! Hey Smash...anytime you wanna talk about curling again...I'm in...All in!!!!
  8. Okay,First time posting in here and don't usually complain too much because poker has generally been pretty good to me over the last year and a half or so. I have built up my bankroll playing a mix of ring and sit n go games on Pokerstars with the odd MTT thrown in here and there. Lately I have been playing more sit n go's and up until two weeks ago, was cashing pretty well, playing smart and getting about a 25% ROI. Then, the switch was flipped. LOL. I have been knocked out or severely crippled in about 15 Sit n Go's in a row with the best hand pre flop. Bear in mind that in only about
  9. Don't feel too bad....i am surfing a huge wave of turd soup right now too. Have been for two weeks. These are from today, all in sit n' go's where i was either elim. or crippled..keep in mind, that this is in about a 4 hour spanLose with...JJ vs 44AA vs 66AA vs 67AA vs JJAK vs A9AK vs A2Ak vs A4I love poker.
  10. Trying to fit in??..dude..i made the mold, whipped the batter and created the genre.Lol..honestly..i didnt see that thread as I dont spend hours on here trying to be funny or making sure i dont repost something.ps...have you seen the movie about the christmas monkey's fighting yet?
  11. I just got the heads up from Tritz.....Dreamclown is theredpill!!I knew it!
  12. Time for a Heineken in those damn fine little silver and green mini-keg cans!Keep posting people, I have no $$ on FCP yet.
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