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  1. After busting out of the 10k guaranteed with AK vs AA, I'm ready to try out the 8k guaranteed. Who else is in this?
  2. I've decided to take a break like everyone suggested, not take out a loan, and when I go back, I will play 1/2nl with a $2000 bankroll and grind it out slowly. As for jobs, I do have 2 smaller companies that I run which aren't very successful as of yet, but I have one much bigger idea that I'm looking into as the "actual job". As many of you have said, I HATE working for "the man". Although poker isn't my absolute solution, I do acknowledge it buys me time to decide what it is I really want to pursue.BTW, 6k hurts. It doesn't screw me over. I still have all bills paid and I'm still totall
  3. thanks for all the advice. I really do appreciate it....it's been a real tough pill to swallow, but I'm going to try to take the positives (I didn't lose it ALL, and I left myself room to calm down and focus on what I want to do for a living, what I need to accomplish to be happy). Ultimately, I can only blame myself and learn from this. I wish I could just forget it all...but i still regress and can't help thinking...I losta plasma tv+ a new laptop+ a new wardrobe+ extra spending cash LOL but not really...
  4. now that I'm slightly calmer, I have to explain that the last 1.5k of the 6k was tilted off. 1.5k saved would have been like 1.5k earned. Live and learn.
  5. "You risked more than you could afford to lose, especially emotionally. ""You need to either learn from this and move on, or, play more inside your emotional/financial limits."I'm still searching for answers to what it is I really want to do. I'm not satisfied just living the simple life and just getting by. However, the fact remains that I have yet to figure out a way to make it big. I wish I had the answers but this is life. I made a human error for a sizeable sum.
  6. A little extra information into my personal life:I have always been looking for the next big idea. After thinking long and hard, but unsuccessfully to find the next big thing, I called upon others to do so by posting on the school board in an effort to expand the limitations of one man's brainpower. I've also opened up several businesses that were small-scale and with very limited success. I would say poker is the same way for me. When I think I have it figured out I get slammed down with a horrible downswing and wondering where to go from here...I have a lot of ambitions that all require
  7. I have grinded back some 3k losses before. This 6k loss is just so much more demeaning. One positive is that I won't be able to play for a while as I have to sell stock, wait for that to clear, put the money in the bank, wait for that to clear, then firepay it to bodog. The benefits from this time are that I have cash in the form of actual $ and not a loan, like I did last time. The downside is that my confidence is shot and I almost feel as though all pocket pairs and sets will go down in flames. Grinding out 6k in 1/2nl just to get back to where I was just seems like a reminder that I'v
  8. I worked retail management for 6months. Hated it. I love the flexibility poker gives you, but sometimes I wonder how good it is for health. I always thought I had it under control, but a 6k meltdown would definitely say otherwise. Bad beats or no bad beats, I should've quit after the first 1k lost.
  9. So, it's been the roughest patch of my playing days this past 2 weeks. It's been a constant battle of being down between 2k to fighting back to even. Well, 2 days ago I dropped the 2k without recovering. And yesterday I dropped another 4k to make it 6k. And here's my dilemmna:After moping about it all of last night and just feeling sorry about all the bad beats, I've somewhat lost the confidence and felt resigned to choosing a set path from one of a few options...a. Take out a $10,000 loan and play 5/10nl (seems like the worst)b. Take out stock money that I just put in ($2000ish and commit
  10. I busted pretty early in this thing. Will be at Razz 3/6 FT if anyone plays that. Gl Rhinestone
  11. Well, much like your own story, I will end up starting up work again beginning January. I will probably end up as a financial advisor at some firm such as Charles Schwab. The tough part is knowing that I'll make more from poker than I will from the actual job, but the benefit I get from the job is really experience. It'd be tough to explain to an employer in the long run, "what have you been doing the past 5 yrs?" ....uhhhh.. Poker....We'll try putting that on the resume. Lol. I really like to have all the bases covered. I'm definitely more conservative in that sense. I thought it out
  12. guy limp trapped me w/ QQ vs my 55, which I pushed...gg
  13. 26 left, at a table with another FCP'er who is dominating as well
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