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  1. Prahlad Friedman has his table outchipped by $25K... he should have no trouble making the final table. If he wins this bracelet, look out.
  2. When I start to get near $0, I find I play much better, definitely not defensive. I obviously have to drop way down in limits, but it's more like once I get below $5, I build up to $6 playing $.05/.10 HU limit cash game so I can play a $5+.25 HU SNG and when I win that, I'll play another $5+.25... win that, play a $10+.50, win that and get back to a $25 level to get in a $.25/50 NL ring game... and I'm usually off and running again. It's was like a built in test for me and sometimes more fun that just a hovering balance playing the same game.The bold part of your statement makes no sense to me
  3. Maybe you just had one GOOD week.
  4. I only played on UB and FT as "The Future".
  5. What worked well for me was to gradually increase the amount I left in my online poker account after a withdrawal. Say I started with a $50 deposit and built it up to $100. I'd then withdraw $50 everytime I hit $100 to take me back down to $50 until I felt comfortable to play higher. This basically forced me to play to games that I knew I could crush (mostly $10 HU SNGs). As I got more comfortable, I'd move that left-in-account level to say $100, $200, $300, $500... etc, but in order to cashout any $, I'd have to double my current left-in-account amount. Also, I couldn't put money back into my
  6. My bankroll is safely four account transfers away from the poker site. If I go broke on what I have online, it takes 2 days to reload, which is enough time for me to re-read "Ace on the River" and get my mind straight.Oh, wait, I forgot... Washington State sucks. I have to play in the casinos now.
  7. You mean the whole 10 seconds? If you aren't going to be using a huge part of your bankroll, put it in an account where you can earn some interest. Last I checked, NETeller and poker sites don't pay interest. Idle cash is a waste.
  8. Very nice win man.I have this exact say feeling about my first big tourney win. Taking down a big one (by your personal standards, whatever that may be) is like this huge validation for all the time and hard work you put into poker. In my big win a couple months ago, when it got to headsup and the difference between first and 2nd was a big chuck of change for me (around $6K), I suggested some sort of chop when we were both even headsup. The other guy was up for it, but I then thought about how much more gratifying it would be to know I took it down the right way and won it straight up. Taking
  9. It's only going to get worse if you get married... something to think about.
  10. Is it the # of rebuys that you dont understand?How about these stats in a tourney I took down last month...$30+3 Buyin $15K Guaranteed Plus 10K added on UBTotal Entries: 836Total Rebuys: 770Total Add-ons: 447Prize Pool: $71590The Future
  11. Ahhhh... now I remember why I only play headsup online.Classy.
  12. The problem was they annouced Ivey 1st. Who wants to play that guy?
  13. He left the 50/100 game with $28K.
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