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  1. I don't get it. Are you bragging that you were able to bluff an opponent out of the pot? Or trying to show how much of a donk you are?
  2. If we have an account through .com do we have to make a new account for the .net?Also, when will signup begin for the Sept. 3 tournament?
  3. As long as they have alcohol and food there I am sure they will be able to keep the place running.They have tournaments like that around here in Vancouver and Portland where it is free but you can win prizes. Bars and places such as that offer them for free and hope to make their money on alcohol sales.
  4. I think it has been diminished in one sense because of the number of events. In past years there have just been a few bracelets available, while this year is many more. That does not mean it is any easier to win a bracelet, but if you look in the past at some of the old players who won 6, 7 or 8 bracelets I would say it was tougher for them to win their bracelets just because there were less available.
  5. To bring up an older topic, when DN went after Matusow on HSP I thought it was a little low but that Mike probably deserved it. Then after watching PSIT and how Mike was talking to Ted Forrest I am glad DN said what he did. It seems like Mike needs to be put in his place a little more often.
  6. I am from Washington too. I do not think it is likely they will be able to prosecute for this. Plus, how bad will it look if they try to justify building a new prison for all the people who play internet poker. Many jails and prisons are overcrowded. I do not believe they would be able to handle the bad pr if they were to let people out of prison to make room for a person who gambled online instead of going to their "Indian Casino" instead. Total hypocrisy.
  7. Ok, normally I don't post but I will make an exception in this case. I usually play live MTTs or sit-n-gos but last night I decided to play 1-2 LHE at a B&M. I know my first mistake was playing at that level.Anyways I make a joke after folding 7-2, when the flop came 7 5 2. Of course I wait till the hand is over. The person directly to my right says "That is why I always play 72. I have seen the flop come with 72 way too many times."So my thought is great I can't wait to take your money. So a couple hands later I have AQ on the button. There are three people in the pot including the guy to
  8. How is the money too low? You start with $100 and in two weeks you have $3900. You must have a really good job, because last time I checked $3800 in two weeks is pretty good.
  9. You have too have money on the site, but you can see it at hollywood poker or pokerroom without real money.I was not able to see it on pokerroom without a real money account either.
  10. Is there a way to watch it without a real money account?
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