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  1. Not to mention the only reason Gold didn't bet the river is because he ended up with top pair. No pair and he bets and suddenly AC looks like a genious. Which I think he is.
  2. 63 players now, I'm in 4th w 39,319
  3. 797 players started, 88 remain. I'm in 5th w 29,219, first has 46,550, blinds at 500/1000 no antes. Top 80 pay, I'm looking for final table and a win. Period. I've been out of touch from the game for the last month, and haven't been this deep in a big game in quite some time. I'm looking for anything anyone can tell me, some quick tips and advice for this stage of the game. Anyone interested in railling, it's tourney it's the $5.50 at 4:50p EDT, Novosibirsk, on FCP.Thanks!EDIT: Now at table Edinburgh
  4. I was wondering about the rake, and had meant to bring that up in the OP. But if you're playing live, chances are you've hit the max rake by 5th st, no? So you'd be in a similar situation I would think.damn, I love h/l.
  5. I've been playing quite a bit of h/l stud recently and was wondering about said topic. I couldn't find anything to that specific effect in either Sklansky or Brunsons' section on h/l in both Super Systems. So...On 5th street you're heads up in a pot with a made low and a gutshot straight draw, and you're opponent has no low draw and is at best playing two pair, is it correct to jam the pot? I would think any made low with scoop potention is freerolling in that spot and should be jamming. Just wondering what others think.
  6. Critique on all streets is appreciated, but especially the direct questions. Thanks! (results for hands 2 & 3 in white)1. Should I raise on 4th to better define his hand? Considering the check on 5th, would drawing at the 8 be appropriate in any way (assuming normal players, no maniacs)?Full Tilt Poker Game #827158718: Table Walnut - $1/$2 Ante $0.20 - Limit Razz - 5:01:42 ET - 2006/07/24Seat 1: AngryGnomeGuy ($28.95)Seat 2: Developer ($25.45)Seat 3: Heather ($12.85)Seat 4: NutjobXXX ($57.95)Seat 5: Comin4You ($42.45)Seat 6: DJ_TheFish ($2.50)Seat 7: LBlancaB ($34.25)Seat 8: fluffhead ($62
  7. Playing $2/$3 live NLH, $100 max buy in. The game has been going fairly stardard, no tricky players, no crazy hands, a little on the dull side. My opponent in this hand isn't the best with preflop hand selection, but hasn't shown to be crazy or anything. My image is, I would say, average.I'm in early MP w KQ suited (suites are irrelivent) and open limp which isn't unusual in this game. CO-2 makes it $14 to go, standard. BB calls, and I call. So three players to the flop.JT7 rainbow. BB checks and I don't feel the original raiser has any of this so I bet $25 in hopes of taking it down there. Pr
  8. Jus got my call from him yesterday. Are you planning on any other events? Live there or flying in? I'm driving in from LA Thur night. If you see me, gimme a hollor, I'm gonna be the big redhead in FCP gear (name's Jason). GL!....For when my eyes were watching her they closed, and I was still asleep... excelent quote for your image! LOL
  9. I will also be in for event #31. Are you doing the FCP promo?
  10. Was playing the $3/$5 $200 max buy in NLH at The Bike this evening. Was rolling along OK till my flopped set got beat by on overpair on the river. Knocked me down to just around $130. My table broke and I got moved. I sat at this table with little chips very patiently and had built a tight image. After a while I did show a buff just to shake that image a bit. Very few raises pf, typically about 4 people to a flop. I started this hand with $110.MP1 min raises to $10 (not too unusual), CO calls, I'm in the SB w J 10 and call, BB calls.FLOP ($40): K Q 6 gets checked aroundTURN: K ge
  11. That was just hillarious! I was almost crying from laughter.
  12. I'll be arriving on the 20th and will be attempting to sat into the $2000 NLH event.
  13. I think he had Chamanara on a better hand than QT is what I was saying that's wh he wanted to bet him out.
  14. I'm watching GSN's High Stakes Poker right now (thank you TiVo) and it's a hand involving DN, Sammy Farha, and Fred Chamanara. So if you watch it and didn't see this yet... spoiler alert!In a raised pot (raised by Minh Ly), four players to the flop. 4 10 J gets checked around. Turn is the 2 :club:Chamanara is first to act and leads out with the 6 5 Minh fold, Farha calls w 10 9 and DN raises w Q 10 Chamanara calls, and Farha goes all in over the top! At this point DN raises again! Gabe Kaplan announcing, says that DN is making this play bc he feels Chamanara is on a draw and that h
  15. I found this hand to be a bit interesting and fgured there were prob a lot of different ways it could have played. I'm curious to know how you'd have played it.PokerRoom No-Limit Hold'em, $0.25 BB (9 handed) Hand History Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com (Format: FlopTurnRiver)MP3 ($39.85)CO ($14.70)Hero ($20.10)SB ($9.75)BB ($23.90)UTG ($8.95)UTG+1 ($26.10)MP1 ($11.60)MP2 ($26.70)Preflop: Hero is Button with A, K. UTG calls $0.25, 3 folds, MP3 calls $0.25, CO calls $0.25, Hero raises to $1.5, SB raises to $2.75, 1 fold, UTG folds, MP3 folds, CO calls $2.50, Hero calls $1.25.Flop: ($9)
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