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  1. Or maybe you just threw the pic in (slowrolling)
  2. Ok nm it started working after I called them, wonder if they did something. Bty Suited, LOVE your sig pic.
  3. I have tried to deposit onto FTP using eChecks, and it tells me I have reached my limits. I have never used eChecks before on FTP, but have several times on PS. Has anyone else had this problem? Or does anyone have any idea why this is? Ive emailed FTP support and their reply was to call their phone number, which I did, but they could not provide any information why it does not work. Also, does eChecks have a support or site? Thanks for any info.
  4. SRY, but BkiCe and ChuckSty fell off, so who do we have left to root for?
  5. Same here, i see people registering, but I cannot. This is ****ing bullshit.
  6. It just gets really old. REALLY.....OLD. I just get tired of reading it.
  7. These "aments" and "O rly?" things are getting sooooooooooooo fuuuuuuuuuuuucking old. Seriously. Its not funny anymore. Or cute. Or clever. Just stop, please. PLEASE.
  8. No, you cannot unless your are a successful mid/high or high stakes player, then you get special priviliges like a couple of people I know. I took all my money out, emailed them to close my acct and received one almost IMMEDIATELY confirming it has been closed, then started up a new acct thru a rakeback site the next day with a new handle. Pretty easy.
  9. Why are people having trouble depositing? Cant you use your credit/debit cards?
  10. This was a tough topic to search for, so I will just post it here. Just wondering if it is possible or if anyone has tried to close an account on FTP, then start up a new account through a rakeback site to get rakeback. Not sure if its not possible b/c of the IP # or what, so any info or ideas would be great, thanks.
  11. Am I the only one who thought this picture was funny -
  12. He just said that. Yes they are simple BR builders, many of the players dont notice the change from game to game, still thinking they are playing razz when it switches to stud, etc. Gets pretty boring after a while, so youll move limits soon unless your 6-8 tabling.
  13. Went out in 15th to a disgusting beat. Had the chipleader to my left for over 2 hours, not too much fun.
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