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  1. That is my point; even as a person Daniel sees Jen as flawless. If someone makes a comment like Jen would do something on a silly Survivor game. He is running to defend her. I am sure he is friends with Evelyn but there is something more with Jen. I am not the only one who says this. It is border line freaky. Friends are great and I will stick up and represent them but is Jen his only friend. I mean your point is perfect why not stick up for EVelyn. Why put her down? Same thing with Gordon. IS it an ego thing? Cause if it is there will be no point that Daniel will ever go down as th
  2. Time out Lederer used to play in the biggest games now he doesn't so stop there. People on here constantly berate Lederer who is by far one of the greatest players in the world. He does not play that much anymore because i believe he was in the game to make money and he has now found other means to make more money without having to gamble. Pick up the book The Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide King. THE PROFESSOR= LEDERER. BY THE WAY i did not see Daniel playing ANdy BEal. Why not? Well i have heard plenty of stories Which i will not repeat because they might not be true.
  3. and howard says that annie is better. He has never lied either. your point???? (objectivity)
  4. i am not sayig she is better jsut that daniel's opinion on the subject is useless. Nobody has real stats of the big game besides the big players. IS daniel being honest? Barry says no Daniel says yes. Well who am i to believe?
  5. HA HA HA!!! Wait most of you say Howard Lederer is not that good of a player but he is considered one of the biggest winners against Beal. Most of you say he is not one of the best pros out there. What a joke? And by the wya Annie Duke has won more money in the WSOP than Jennifer Harman. ANd in the professional poker teams I believe ANnie was one of the first people picked because she was far and away the best player in her group. My point is he is not objective when it comes to her.Yes i did graduate from Cornell. Who cares? That was years ago. I own a business which does very well
  6. i mentioned my degree once and cornell is no where near oxford or prineton or harvard. People here so sad and depressed.
  7. this is a general forum not a forum on technique. We can discuss anything that is general. His opinion on Jen is talked about a lot. How good she is? Is she better than Annie Duke? that is a topic for general. first team all rocket scientist.
  8. isn't that the point of this site? Whoaa we got rocket scientists here!
  9. i knew it and you do not know me like my friends know jen. They played with her years ago. Maybe she has changed maybe not but their opinion of her is far more objective than Daniel's. When Daniel says she is thebest woman's player that opinion means nothing. that would be like howard saying is annie is the best woman player in the world. Woudl we value that opinion?
  10. god man did u finish high school? my guess would be no. but i could be wrong. Hearing that Jen is not that intelligent is a much better take onher than hearing that she is smart from Daniel. That is like asking me if my best friend is a good person. Please man outside looking in always gives a far better opinion.
  11. Not trashing daniel but there is a some strange things. I will leave it at this he is not obbjective when it comes to her. End of story and one person here said that might be because he has such a close relationship with jen and her husband. So fine that i can understand but hen it is not objective at all
  12. Ipop on here once in a while jsut was reading an old review of supersystem 2 by daniel and then his survivor thing with his tidbits on harman. it is a little out of control.
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