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  1. They added a table to the tournament area that you could spectate. I remember they talked about it on IRC for a long time, then had a bunch of issues, and finally were able to get it rolling. Personally, I took comfort in the fact that a poker site was having so many problems inserting a fixed deck of deals into a table. :PRay
  2. And, slightly less than an hour into it, Cardplayer coverage goes down from excessive traffic. Doh!
  3. Last Year PokerStars did it by mimicing the final table on one of their tables, and it was pretty choppy, but still neat. I have no idea if anyone if planning on doing the same this year.
  4. Hurmm, no, not really. I think only once in recent memory have I quit when I hit a big up. In general I play from 9pm (post kids in bed) to "when I get tired." This averages from 11:30 to 11:00pm. So I do play time, not results right now, but the time admittedly varies somewhat by level of exhaustion.I think what I'm feeling is that, for a non-pro like myself, trying the "play time not results" method doesn't feel like it working for me. I *SUSPECT* its because I'm not correctly identifying whether a game is good for me or not, but I'm not sure.To Azzy6, I disagree about that in limit hold'em.
  5. I think the big difference for me is I have zero expectaion of actually moneying in the main event. I just want to say I had the experience of doing so, and if I'm picking "free gifts" I rank the experience way higher than the money.Ray
  6. Yeah, no offense, but 10K is a nice amount of money, but its not life altering in any way. In a case like mine, 10K would barely pay off my credit card debt. If I didn't make the 10K now, I'd make it in about 3 months when the next big event came up. 10K < a car even for most people.Also keep in mind its easy to think of it this way when you are getting it for free. If the question was instead "You have earned and extra ten thousand this year and you can either keep it or buy a WSOP seat" then my answer is "Keep it."Ray
  7. I'd take the seat. While $10,000 is nice, its not going to drastically affect my life, and getting the seat is a once in a life time event for me most likely...Now, if he offered me $50,000 or the seat, I'd probably take the 50K...Ray
  8. Yes, he's in Grom'Gol in Stranglethron Vale, in the south west corner. That guy resurrected an Orc Head for me, so he should be able to fix you up no problem.Oh damn, my World of Warcraft geekness just came through.Ray
  9. Hehehehe, and not know my stack versus someone else's stack? .... No. =)That plus I play on a portable, man, that tape is gonna ruin the screen!
  10. I see what you are both saying, I guess it just feels weird that I tend to go little win, little win, big loss, and its very consistent like that.I'm trying to decide if its a subconcious tilt factor I need to fix, and if so, if I should do it by saying I will play until I hit a time limit or am down X, since this would theoretically force me out of games I am tilting in and don't know it, and out of games where I am likely the sucker but don't realize it, since I am a self admitted non-pro/newb.If I go by hard numbers, I am up about $100. As mentioned in another thread, online its easy to see
  11. You wouldn't be swayed by William's charm? :twisted: Ray
  12. I notice I am right now basically a break even player, but in a very standard pattern. I play low limits and my session history seems to go +20BB, +20BB, -40BB, repeat ad nasuem. (I'd say this pattern is correct for about my last 30 sessions.)I know there's very little info to go off of, but what I'm trying to figure out is if this is a normal variance curve, or if I may be missing something else....Ray
  13. I was lucky and had never put money into Party Poker before.I cleared my bonus (at almost exactly even, bah) and they paid immediately, and then I changed my Party Poker password 1.2 seconds later, since they had asked for it when I signed up through them. Call me paranoid.And then, I turned into a huge fish and lost my bonus in like 15 minutes playing omaha hi/lo when my straight lost to a rivered flush, my second nut flush lost to a nut flush, and my nut flush lost to a rivered full house.I cursed much, realized I was about to go on monster tilt, logged off, and finished reading Diary of a
  14. So, I watched the Young Bloods show on GSN, and I have one question and a follow up:Could David Williams possibly have been macking on Erin Ness any more than he did?And the follow up:Did he get any?RayP.S. Seriously, I would not suggest watching this show. It was pretty horrible.
  15. Unsure, I just know I haven't seen that one before.I think I am gonna cave in and watch you guys duke it out instead though. That way I can do other work at the same time on the other computer.Ray
  16. Oh great, my computer is upstairs and my tv is downstairs. Do I watch the new WPT, or watch this? Decisions Decisions....
  17. I few people on a different forum I know of bought into the "cheat-poker" account for a laugh. What they got was a 14 page pdf talking about "use pyschology to induce calls" a link to a poker bot, and a link to a remote desktop program that you can "con people into installing" so you can see their hole cards!It was some funny stuff. They published the pdf for a few hours and I saved it on my hard drive somewhere. I can post some quotes from it if people want a good laugh.Ray
  18. My sister in law holds poker tournaments for fun whenever we all get together, $10 buy in no limit holdem, $200 in chips, 5/10 blinds. Yeah, its a crappy format, but whatever, its ten bucks and its for fun.I got crippled in the third hand or so when I flopped a set, but someone called me down the river to hit a flush on the river. I was betting aggressive, but not enough to push her out I guess ah well.So I'm down to 60, and get Kd/10h. I go all in preflop, figuring its as good a time as any. My sister in law calls with ... Kc/10s. Flop is Jc, 10d, 5d, so I am now on a free roll. Turn 3d, rive
  19. hehehe, I love forum trolls that have 8 posts that whine about whiners on a board that was BUILT for people to whine on. This is the bad beats board. Its what its here for. Duh.
  20. Damn you beat me. I just jumped over here to post that.The Fold-Raise play is stronger than all of us. It shows why Ivey is at the final table and we are not. We need a catchy name for this. Since Hellmuth folds then chops, I think it need to be called.... Philstering? Philling? Making the HellIvey play?At some point we also need to wonder why the dealer kept dealing if everyone had folded...
  21. Madonna - Don't tell meWhat can I say, I like the guitar riff.
  22. I play a lot online, and especially at low limits., there's a lot more calling stations and therefore a lot more suckouts. Long term you know those people will be giving you that money back and more, but short term variance can beat the heck out of you.For me at least, one individual sitting will never bug me. I lose during a session, my attitude is that its no big deal since I can just make iut back next session.When I hit two or three bad sessions in a row, my brain starts itching. Logically I know that variance can and will do this to me, but after two sessions it *FEELS* like you are just
  23. Title: Negreanu OutLog: Negreanu makes it $125 to go, and gets 3 callers. The flop comes Kd-Jc-8s. It is checked around to Negreanu who moves all in for $1,325. One of the callers folds, and the action is on Seat 8. Seat 8 goes into the tank, staring at the flop. After about a minute and half, he pushes all of his chips in. The third caller folds, and Negreanu flips up Qh-10d for an up and down straight draw. Seat 8 shows Kc-Qs for top pair. Negreanu needs an ace or a 9 to make his straight. The turn brings the 7c, no help to Negreanu, and the river, another 7. Negreanu is sent home early. For
  24. The weird part about this is my dad uses the name Spademan on some online poker sites and he and I both live in Arizona..But not Glendale. I live in Chandler and he lives in Sun Lakes. I was laughing because I was thinking "Hey, is my dad dissing my play on a forum?!?!"
  25. Thanks for the tips everyone, some good points for me to think about.I got Super System yesterday and have started trduging through that.... whew..Ray
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