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  1. I once got in an argument with a guy at party poker until he came to a private room and played me heads up.We were only playing 3/6, but I took almost $1400 dollars off him. I did feel really bad towards the end, but just thought about the box set of the west wing that the next pot would pay for and I'd smile again.When he was busted, he asked how I'd beat him and I gave him a few pointers... Nothing much, just "Don't cap the betting preflop with A2".Anyhow, I gave him the password for the private room in the chat window instead of a private message and a coulpe of people followed in to watc
  2. Some of the mid day guaranteed tournaments on Victor Chandler offer good value as they don't always get a big field.The structure's not the best, but if you watch them you can get amazing value for money.
  3. I lost a pot in a tournament last week and it's stuck in my mind... It's not a bad beat story as I was taking on 2 short stacks and didn't loose too much...Seat 3 goes all in with hardly any chips, seat 4 goes all in with about 1 fifth of my stack and I look down at pocket 6s.I call, not bothering about the small stack, but hoping to beat the other player who's been betting the farm with AK preflop all tournament.We turn our cards over and I have pocket 6s and they have pocket 3s.The flop came J45 Turn 6 (Giving me trips) and the river was a 7...Like I said, I had to laugh cos I'd never seen a
  4. $200+10 heads up tournament at paradise... He folded the small blind first hand, second hand we went all in with his pocket Aces beating my pocket Ks.I won the next hand and doubled up to 40 and the next to 80 and then I realised he'd left! He thought he'd won! He was blinded all the way down and I was $400 richer!Didn't involve great play or drama, but it's still oneo f my favourite poker memories
  5. Evenin' AllI've been playing a lot of heads up at Victor Chandler and more and more I've found that people are going in every hand.I played one guy 5 times and he goes all in every hand, from the start, when the blinds are 20/40 and the stacks are 2000!!!Obviously,this is extreme, but I wondered if anyone had any statistical data for calling all ins when the blinds get to:A: 50/100B: 100/200When your opponant is going all in every hand and the beginning stacks are 2000.I've been using KX Suited and K7 unsuited and if anyone's got an opinion on it, I'd be interested, as I seem to be doubling up
  6. I just got an opponant down to $27 against my $1973 in a heads up tournie on Paradise and he came back to win it.I've seen this happen before, but what made it so amazing was that the first two blinds we played from this point were 30/60 and the rest were 50/100 when the levels went up.5 of the 6 hands, I had the better of it (including 9s agains 3s and AQ against A10) and the other hand he has A2s against K10 offSince it was only for $50 I can laugh about it, but if it happens higher... Grrrrrrrrrrr.I'm officially running bad.................
  7. I'll take a wild guess and say that the first people to download this were the security staff at Party Poker (Who are about the best in the biz) and if there was anything to it, they'd find a way to stop it.They stopped poker prophesy for the reason that it gave players an unfair advantage, so they'd sure as hell do something about being able to see people's hole cards.Finally, the theory does exist to see people's hole cards and I'd guess that someone somewhere has figured out how to screen scrape at least one poker site, but I'll bet you my entire bankroll they won't be selling it for $19.99
  8. In my first week of playing I flopped a royal flush... Bet 50c (50/$1 limit) and the entire table folded to me.Didn't realise what had happened/how annoying it was until much later.
  9. I played a hand heads up about 3 weeks ago and a guy called me for 200 chips and showed a 9 high.I try and leave it, but I can't and ask him why he called. He says "I won didn't I". I explain that he didn't.Not only did he misread the board and think he had the straight, but he didn't even notice the chips make their way over to my nameplate, or the fact that his balance didn't increase.To be fair to him, he was a nice guy and had the class to laugh it off, but it might be my new second favoirite poker moment.
  10. That place is goddamn dead... I deposited 50, sat down at a heads up table for 15 minutes and couldn't get a game.Ended up doing the sensible thing and blowing it all learning how to play razz:-)
  11. I knew they couldn't be up to much when they turned down one of my Freelance articles:-)
  12. I was impressed by Hilger's play at last years WSOP... Played great poker and then got crapped on by the poker gods...
  13. Anyone see Layne Flack's call when he was heads up in the Battle of the Sexes... Can't remember the exact board, but he called a HUGE amount of his chips of with ace high against Kathy Leibert.Anyone remember the specifics>?
  14. Smash... I stand corrected... You seem to be up for it, which is a pleasant surprise.I suggested $200+10 since that's what I was playing and paradise has a perculiar blind structure which weighed heavily in my decision to call. (10 hands per blind level) It's also the biggest game they offer heads up.If you can show me an online 5K heads up that's roughly similar (Not the Poker Stars one) , I'll be there with bells on. To be honest, if I'm playing that high I'd rather have 3 $2000 tournies to take some of the luck out of it. (Or even put the funds in escrow, play to the best of 5 in the $5+
  15. Hey smash... any time you feel like giving me a poker lesson I'd be glad to pay for it...Humble "donk" like me would be happy to splash $200+10 for some pointers... Let me know when you're free to educate me and I'll make sure I'm available. I'll take a guess that you'll say something flippant and then not play me, but I guess we'll see.eeey haw all
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