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  1. I would have also conceded the hand. Instead of outright folding, I would have checked back every street and folded to any bet -- hey the guy might be stupid enough to let me get to showdown with the best hand. Since my opponent can *THEORETICALLY* play perfect poker versus me in this hand, I am *SUPPOSEDLY* the only one who is likely at risk of making a mistake in the hand.If asked the question before I saw the video, the above paragraph (without the words theoretically and supposedly) would have been my response. Now that I have seen the video, I am obligated to add those two caveats into
  2. This disqualification has in fact NOT been confirmed by PokerStars. A number of articles and forum posts have been written to that effect: sbr forum post,HSDB articleFCP post The problem is that none of these articles or posts quote or reference a statement by PokerStars. They all reference the same source - an article posted on mpcpoker:http://www.mpcpoker.com/who-won-the-500000-father-or-son/The opening paragraph of this article reads:Update: Pokerstars Holland Representative Simon Keijzer tells Dutch TV show Jimmy Jonker is registered as a 19-year old, while he is 17 years old at the mom
  3. QFT!!! Congrats DinkDonk! So well deserved IMO:)
  4. People who are backed or have sold pieces of themselves may have preferred to take a cash equivalent in order to better split it with their backers/investors. Now that they have to keep the car, they will be forced to "buy out" their backers share of the ~$200k car.For example, if they were to split profits 50/50 with a backer, they are now obligated to give the backer an extra $100k on top of an even first place prize split to cover the backer's share in the car (or vice versa if the horse doesn't want the car, but the backer does).
  5. That would be a really fun match to rail.
  6. Damn you guys run bad... ..and I thought I was was going through a rough stretch of ... my entire poker career. I blame it on luck though -- after all, I have never run above EV.
  7. Flip a coin, heads you're banned, tails you're banned.Spammer strategy solved.FYP and reported.
  8. Anyone who is disciplined enough to nearly schedule a class in the morning is a hero of mine. I sometimes have trouble thinking about getting up in time for sunset.
  9. TNWSS! :PIn all seriousness, I have to agree with Drew here. Fighter, you probably could have worded that in a more productive manner... and this is coming from a guy who has enjoyed trolling FCP for the past year or two.
  10. Sample size may be low, but not ridiculously low -- probably around twice a night. But it is ridiculously +EV in those spots. Stupidhead can confirm this.They don't take a rake until post-flop and since I will never take the opportunity to limp the SB or check the BB after a limped SB, any pot that *does* get raked will be large enough to expect one.
  11. You should have at least hovered over the link to see the web address before you burned $5k by making that post. If he link was something like:http://tinyurl.com/5scq5sothen, I'd probably agree with you, but a link from bluefirepoker.com is probably legit.EDIT: By the way, I also clicked the link and since you didn't also specify that it would only go to the FIRST person who clicked the link, you can also send me $5k on Stars (SN = Merby) when you have finished sending $5k each to Gallo and Lurbz. I'm patient, you can get around to it sometime in the next 48 hours.
  12. These also come up live. At my local 3/6 NLHE game, almost everyone chops the blinds if it is folded around to the SB, but I always felt that I was losing a tonnnnnn of value here, so I made it known to everyone that I NEVER chop my blind. I have easily made 1 BI, and probably a lot more just from BvB play since making that switch. Indeed, Stupidhead was jealous enough that he started following the same policy.
  13. Cobalt: I tend to treat minbets as checks until the villain proves that he is doing this with a very specific type of hand. So in this case, he has "checked" the river to you. Bet (i.e. raise) for value here. So I'm supposed to fold A A ?
  14. Generally speaking, I prefer a monocle, but when I'm in a really serious tournament, I pull out the big guns: an eye patch.Every break while I am away from the table, I switch which eye is covered by my eye patch -- after all, I need to balance my vision range against my more observant opponents.
  15. Part of me didn't want to vote because I thought any of those three would be an ideal choice for POY. In the end, I voted...
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