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    The Blender

    I love how he inserted it randomly in between sentences.
  2. Using either HEM of PT3 is FAR better than not using any poker tracker. Both products are well constructed.
  3. PF is fineOn the flop, as has already been discussed, raise more. I recommend raising to between $75 and $90. If you raise to $75, then the pot will be ~$210 on the turn and the villain will have ~$240. If you raise to $90, then the pot will be ~$240 and the villain will have ~$225. Based on the drawy nature of the flop and the villain's stack-size to pot ratio, I prefer a larger flop raise to around $90, leaving the villain a little under a PSB behind.So I suggest raising to $90 on the flop, planning to (reluctantly) call a shove. If the villain calls your raise, then you plan on shoving/
  4. Ship it in.Worst case scenario, the villain has the higher FD, but even then, you have 9 clean outs.
  5. I would highly recommend poker tracking software. Personally, I recommend Holdem Manager (HEM).
  6. Merby

    The Blender

    Dammit JJJ!I was about to post this one! *sigh* too slow.
  7. If you ask a hopelessly vague question like you did in your OP and someone like potatoman takes the time to type out some good advice, then this is not how you should reply. Given the questions you have asked in this thread, the only real answer is: drop down to 1c/2c.
  8. It sounds like you are playing a tournament here. In that case, there are some casinos that insist on both players tabling their hands once all in on the turn. It sounds like this rule was not in force at this particular casino, but the other player may not have known that.EDIT: In terms of etiquette (if the must-show at all in rule was not in force) you were the first to breach etiquette by refusing to show your hand even though you put in the last raise. He could have kept his hand hidden until you were forced to show your hand, but showed his hand anyway, while asking to see yours. It w
  9. This is true. In order to be awarded the pot at showdown, the winning hand must table all of their cards and not just the card that allows the had to win the pot. Bbgun was referring to both cards in a player's hand and not both hands. But yeah, that is a safe and unoffensive way to do it. Occasionally, player A will just say, "you're good" and muck his hand. Most dealers will direct the last aggressor to reveal his hand once it becomes apparent that neither player wants to show their hand first. If neither player makes a move to show their hand, often another player at the table will j
  10. Not at all, it's all about keeping a level playing field. If an opponent can choose when he wants to chop and when he plays, then he can simply chop whenever he would have folded and only play the hands which are good enough to raise.If I were to always agree to a chop whenever he chooses to chop, but play it out the rest of the time, then he would gain a pretty significant advantage in our BVB battles.
  11. I have found that as long as you let the table know ahead of time what your stance on chopping is, and as long as you are consistent with it (always chopping or never chopping) then most players are fine with it. Sure some players will be a little put off that the BVB hands must get played out, but it tends to be only the old, tight, passive players and even for them it is only a minor irritation.At my casino, it is fairly standard to chop, and although I don't like it, I have made a compromise: I am always willing to chop if we are playing more than 5-handed, but never chop if we are playing
  12. Yeah, but it's his club so he can do whatever the fack he wants.
  13. Hey Loosh, just do this: It worked for me.
  14. GOO DLIUC JKLE @ :KL @Let me try to talk a little slower...GOOD LUCK MR. SPARCO!!!!!!Sorry, I got a little excited there and kind of tripped over my words...
  15. I'm looking forward to the first jopke account winning featured member.
  16. The new Mac pad is also affordable. I think it's called the MAC-si-pad. You can but it at any supermarket for like $7 for a 12-pack.
  17. Congrats Kurt! Now you're an expert on FCP featured members.
  18. Wow, that lemonade sounds like it would cleanse your entire digestive system...
  19. Well, you won't be able to get an accurate idea of your win rate, but you can actually assess your skill in a relatively reasonable amount of time. That involves posting hands for discussion, responding to other people's posted strat hands and then comparing your response and gut against the other players. Read up on the game from a variety of sources etc. Eventually, you will start to get a good feel for how to correctly think through situations and you will slowly gain confidence that you are making the correct decisions. If you put in more effort to improve on your game than your average
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