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  1. hopefully this isnt too early to post results...and thanks to all for the replies. Seems based on the advice I was being greedy and try to keep him interested instead of betting the right amount and get paid right.So he flips over after i make the call and like I thought, he showed up queens and had made his set on the river, hence that sudden aggression.I have faced worse beats before but for some reason i couldnt get the hand out of my head for the next hour and i kept thinking back on how I c could have avoided getting burnt on that river.Just seems that even if I bet hard like suggested,
  2. After playing some a tournament at Caesars AC i made my way to the poker rtoom for some cash game action. I sat down with 300 and had built it to about 800. the only two other larger stack was immediately to my right with about 600, most other stacks were around 200-300 and a couple with 100 or so.A little background on the table, there have not been many huge raises, and have been a fair number of limped or only raised to $7 pots thus far. Villain is a very tight and seamingly disciplined older guy. He has soft raised to $6 on a number of hands before.Here goesUTG calls $2UTG+1 calls $2UT
  3. thanks so much for the reply. Wish I took that hand down I could have really done some damage then. I will continue to post hands that some up and wont post the results next time. thanks again.
  4. Hey everyone, this is my first post on the website. This past weekend i played in my first live tournament at event#5 a the wsop circuit in atlantic city. The field was 451 and I placed 90th, money was 45 and better. I think i played really good poker most of the way, but i feel like my middle to late stage game has weakness in it. In the beginning I played cautious poker, managing pot size and eating up chips from players I felt were weak. I made good calls on bluffs and maximied payouts whereever I could. I had 53,000 in chips within the first 3 hours of play while the chip average was
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