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  1. Yeah, WTG Mark, you could have just folded......
  2. After Laak being on PAD last week and again this week, I think he needs to go away. There is no way in the world I could sit at a table with him and not tell him to STFU.
  3. If Durr ever loses that horseshoe out of his butt he will go broke. (Not saying he isn't good, but he is the luckiest guy going right now.)
  4. This is what I was thinking.
  5. I really don't want to know how you know this....or do I?
  6. I heard she had a charity poker tourney to raise money to save the puppies, just didn't know she was saving for her own set of puppies! :evilnaughtysmiley:
  7. I don't see how she thought she could sue the pros that represent FT.That would be like taking nike to court and adding Tiger and other top sports stars they have under contract to the lawsuit.
  8. Well, I have to be honest, if she would wash her a$$ I would hit it....Anyone been on the Hershey Highway lately?Isn't that in Pennsylvania or somewhere like that?
  9. Ok so I had it backwards. Phil was the one that took a break and Jerry Cuzak (sp?) took time with his hand to help Helmuth out. To bad you didn't watch your own post or you would have known I was particially right.
  10. I believe I have seen Phil Hellmuth do the same thing on an old telecast of the poker tournament in atlantic city that ESPN shows all the time late at night. Seems to me that both situations were pretty much the same. Was it the US Poker Championships? I can't remember.
  11. No, but I have fooled around with her a little....
  12. Old? Who you calling Old? :reaching for his gun smiley:
  13. All I see is a couple of very sexy ass cheeks.....
  14. I was there in January. Harrahs was cutting back on everything. Restaurants were running shorter hours the whole nine yards. Played poker was decent. Had about 20 for their nightly tourney on a really bad day wether wise.
  15. Dammit man you made me spiit tequila all oaver my monitor.
  16. :icon_cool:I still say up his!
  17. If this is a true hand from the upcoming showthen - Up your's dickhead. People have asked that hands and discussion be limited to shows that have already aired and you post this crap. Is that how you validate your existance? By posting links and talking about hands before others have seen them? I wish you would have stuck to your word and left like you said you were going to do. not - Up your's anyway!
  18. I believe it was since Howard exposed his hand in the last episode.
  19. Seems as though we might want to try an email campaign threating to pull all of our money off of Stars. (The threat of losing my bankroll all at once could probably cause major cashflow issues.) SW, just in case anyone didn't catch it.
  20. Yeah, there is no need to suck or blow, just hold it in her mouth until the swelling goes down....
  21. I noticed on the intro to Heads up poker championship they had here and Howard coming out of an elevator (with others), her right after Howard. I wonder if Howard had the guts to do a little crop dusting with her behind him?
  22. Is this a damn imposter? Or is the Dane back? I can't decide which I want it to be....Yes I can, Be an Imposter one time!?!?
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