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  1. Those taxes for Tran are out of control. And Reiss ran so good. Hard not to play better than your opponents when you get so much better cards.
  2. This place is dead. almost sobered up flipping throug pages trying to find this post. Here's to ya!
  3. Very well done. You were certainly due. Sounds like you played well and got the cards you needed to win.
  4. Love it when Balloon starts throwing jabs....
  5. National bowling tournament is in Reno from now through early July, rooms should be busier than normal.
  6. Damn, Hope he gets better. He has been through a lot and is one funny dude. Get better Chrozzo!
  7. Not saying whether he did or not. If they had absolute proof he cheated he would not be getting his bye-in back so quickly.
  8. Sounds fishy to me. If there was really some validity to the idea he cheated, would they really give back his buy-in?
  9. I like how people are blaming the Fulltilt Pros for taking the payments that were due to them by FTP. I suppose they wouldn't have taken the payments. I can understand people blaming them if they took payments BF, but I doubt if many of them got paid after that day.
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