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  1. Thank you Daniel and the rest of the people at FCP for the 2012 WSOP contest in which I won an Ipad. I was pleasantly surpised receiving it in the mail today after basically giving up hope due to how long it was taking. But you guys came through and I appreciate it. Thinking back to the contest, I had originally planned to put some time researching all the players I was unfamiliar with but never did and basically just took about 10 min to fill out my bracket at the last minute. I didn't know about half the players I picked! But I got lucky and sometimes that's all it takes to win! Agai
  2. I assume the ipads are included with that too? b/c that's my prize. I do appreicate your help
  3. just wondering what the latest is in receiving the prizes for this contest. Thank you
  4. Thank you for your timely repsonse. I look forward to receiving my prize.
  5. Just wondering when the prizes will be sent out to the winners? I know Daniel stated that it would be a while in his video last month; I'm just seeing if there's a more concrete answer at this point in time. If the best you can give is that it's still "gonna be a while" then that's perfectly fine with me. I'm just looking for some kind of response. I appreicate it
  6. just wondering what the latest is with contacting the winners. I've yet to be contacted regarding my prize.
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