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  1. I think it's just me and you left in the Axl Fan Club. Let me also yell at you. You keep bumping this and giving me false hope that there is some good news on the cd front.Now im going to go watch the vid.
  2. I don't post here nearly enough to make a definative judgement, but I'm thinking worst post ever?
  3. It makes me sick just thinking about it, so I will take your advice and skip watching it.
  4. The Blues starts off great. Can't wait to hear these songs ON A CD with a a proper mix.
  5. Im like you man, a huge Axl fan. But this is getting insane. I won't ***** though, because as soon as the cd comes out, i'll be first in line.
  6. He's a pompous ***, and she's an idiot. Bad combo.
  7. I just read about axl pushing the Democracy date back, again. There was a small part of me that was praying for some good news in this thread, but I know better.I havent purchased a cd in probably over a year ( I download everything of course) but I would get the new GNR disc the day it came out.So sick...
  8. Jadaki-I have been a long time Playstation guy. I didn't like the Xbox, and I wasn't looking foreword to the 360. You make some excellent points though, and I have to agree. Sony has really dropped the ball here. I keep waiting for that "must buy" game, and it hasnt surfaced yet. I didn't get my PS2 till they came out with GTA. Now GTA will come out for both, so what is their plan?In all fairness, I havent played more than 5 minutes on any of the systems, but I have friends who own one or all of them. So far the best reviews are coming from the Wii owners. It's like Playstation thought " We ar
  9. Cool story, how about telling some more of them?
  10. If you play fantasy sports, this will always hold true.You are checking the box scores, and see that someone had an amazing game. He is always playing against you.
  11. I have a first gen Ipod. When I bought it people said either:1. What the hell is that?2.It cost how much?????I've had my Ipod almost 4 years now, and i've never had one problem with it. It's not often you can say that about an electronic gadget.
  12. Worst video ever posted in the history of the internet. It's a kid playing in his house. Just awful. Why didn't you just post this in the video thread located on page one? That would have been bad enough.Seriously, really bad.Bump
  13. I hear ya. It's not the most manly way of dealing with things. I'm just going off of what the OP mentioned. He said that the guy is a big,fat, cat quick pile of crap. So it sounded like he wanted this resolved in a way that didn't turn into the exchanging of punches.
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