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  1. oooopzz.. ya busted like 130th or something.. had the best of it with a guy allin for a really big pot going into 7th and he got there.. not sure how many outs he had, prob around 12 so w/e
  2. nice to see FCP doesn't discriminate against the old.. congrats muppet!
  3. bruce springsteen (hope u get this one)
  4. chance that it's someone else on ftp?
  5. did u really get heads up at 1200/2400?? wtf, how are those tournaments so short.. how many people were in it??
  6. rofl is that seriously him? he was allin for 100k pot preflop @ 400/800 w/ ak vs. kk, and hit ace.
  7. i really really hate that shove
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