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  1. The number will be zero, if the password doesn't get posted.
  2. Friday, October 13th is the last reported date.
  3. Too easy...Theme from M*A*S*H...written by movie director Robert Altman's 14 y/o son and most recently rendered amazingly by Stewie Griffin
  4. Has anyone been able to access Netellers website today? I've been unable to for several hours.
  5. Fair warning...Doyle has been hustling golf for decades.
  6. With the major sites introducing (or about to introduce) resizable poker tables, you might not have an overlap problem for much longer.
  7. Lets answer this question definitively for the OP and anyone else interested.It's not the size of the monitor that allows one to multitable without overlap...it's the optimal resolution of that monitor. In order to multitable four games without overlap, your monitors optimal resolution must be 1600 x 1200 or greater. "Optimal Resolution" is the setting in which your monitor displays the desktop as an entire image in that when you move the mouse/cursor to a border edge, it stops. Now if you have a monitor whose optimal resolution is say 1280 x 800 and you change the setting of your graphics car
  8. Daniel,Congrats on your victory in the WSOP circuit event in Tunica. In your blog, you describe my friend and fellow competitor, Kia Mohajeri as your biggest threat on that day. I have competed against Kia for years here in Florida and have always had the utmost respect and admiration for his game. When we are sharing the felt, he has always been the biggest threat to my chips. I was wondering if you would be willing to elaborate a bit on your experience and assessment of Kia's play?Thanks.
  9. Your letter/e-mail to the club is quite good, but here are a few constructive critiques.The letter/e-mail has to be addressed to a specific person or persons in authority if at all possible. Otherwise, there is a good chance that it doesn't get read or read by the wrong person, who doesn't take action. The person has to have the authority to make decisions...potentially in your favor.When writing a letter of complaint, always include some questions in your text such as "Do you think this action was fair?" and "Does your cardroom normally tolerate such behavior?". This does a couple of things f
  10. Not really.To the OP, wow dude, you're kind'a a puss, no?At the very least you complain to the floor, or if no floor, the dealer and the owner/manager of whatever place you're playing at... "I revealed my cards, he is required to show his cards", even if it may not be true at that establishment.And, when all else fails, "I know where you work, fcker" might have an effect.To each their own, I guess.I debate it with the dealer,as well as the floor manager/casher at the cage. They sided with the guy, saying if I mucked my hand it can't be debated. I also had a nice oversized Louisville Slugger th
  11. 1.)These tourneys usually cap out around 120 players, but they would always filter in alternates. I haven't bothered to participate in one of these for over a year now, so my info may be dated. Get there about 45 minutes to an hour before they sail and get your name on the tourney sign-up list and you shouldn't have a problem. (You'll see a group of dealers standing by a white board either just outside or inside the boat putting games together.)2.)Nine spots are paid...sorry, I can't give you the percentages. You start with $10K in chips and $100/$200 blinds with 15 minute blind levels. Blind
  12. A friend of mine has gotten it through Doyle's Room. I briefly leafed through it, but did not have time to make any quick comparisons.
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