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  1. My brother-in-law is coming in from out of town and wants to play some poker together. Due to the holidays we have not been able to get a live home game together. So my question is, is there anyway to have two different users on the same IP address. I would assume not, due to the possibility of collusion but any help would be appreciated.
  2. If your video settings are set on a different tv, for example 1080p and you switch to a lesser resolution t.v. i.e. 720p you will not get video because the ps3 is not set for that. To reboot your system hold the touch sensitive button to turn off system. Then turn off switch in back. Wait 10 seconds then while pressing and holding the touch sensitive button turn the switch back on. Keep holding touch sensitive button for 2 beeps. This will reset video settings to basic and will work on the new t.v.Hope that helps, I have done it alot taking my system to friends houses that don't have 1080 t.v.
  3. Congrats on the Huge win for yourself and for FCP
  4. Detroit Casinos are 21, Indian resevation Casinos are 18, Soaring Eagle in MT. Pleasant poker room is pretty good. There is Turtle Creek in Traverse City and Kewadin in ST. Ignace. I don't know about those poker rooms.
  5. How come there is still no photo and no update?I'm trying to live vicariously through someones sex life seeing as how I've been married 5 years and that part of life seems to be few and far between.
  6. Leave the sweater vest, vice principle, and god of Michigans armpit out of this.Hopefully Rich is the answerSay good bye to Lloyd cooper
  7. Thanks alot for this I was looking for something like this. I tried searching michigan.gov and couldn't find this.
  8. How many regulars are attending these on avg? Also how are the points distributed?
  9. I am interested in starting a monthly home game. With a small rake to be paid back in an annual championship tourney. With points accrued throghout the year, making up larger starting stacks for the players who garnered those points, throughout the year. I was wondering if anyone could discuss the legalities of this type of game in the state of Michigan.Thanks in advance.
  10. Negreanu Makes Up Some GroundJames Johnson raises to $4,000 preflop and Daniel Negreanu calls. The player on the button, Jason Fields, also calls and the flop comes 733. Johnson bets out $5,000 and Negreanu min-raises to $10,000. Fields folds and Johnson calls. The turn puts the 5 on the board and Johnson checks. Negreanu bets $15,000 and Johnson calls. The river brings the 8 and Johnson again checks. Negreanu bets $40,000 and Johnson pushes all-in for $25,000 more. Negreanu calls and shows 64 for a turned straight and his opponent shows only pocket 10's for an over pair to the board a
  11. I have been trying to use the search function but I can't find anything I'm looking for. It always comes up with random stuff.I have seen the link posted on here before so just need some help finding it again. It tracks your blind levels and times. Thanks in advance.
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