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I have never once been on record as saying that I trust anything that Trump says. I'm using independent investigators to come to the conclusion that Trump is at bare minimum a billionaire, and by no valid metric a "failed businessman".



Now if you want to throw in liberal metrics created by people with 0 days running a business, no basic conception of economics, and no understanding of executive decision making, then one could come up with a few invalid ways to label him as such; like the often paraded "4 out of 500 businesses have gone bankrupt" line.


This is a pretty fair assessment of the whole would he have been better off just putting his money in index funds.




There is no question that he controls billions in assets. In many cases there aren't public records of a lot of his businesses to know how much the debt is that is owed on those assets.


Many of the properties that he has in New York have gone up a lot in value along with all New York real estate and there is no question that they are worth a lot more than when he purchased them or the leases to those properties. As long as he hasn't borrowed against those increases his net worth has increased a lot.


The only public company he ever ran was the casino company where it went bankrupt and the investors lost their money while Trump took out millions and millions for himself. His casinos were the worst performing in Atlantic City and they didn't go under just because of the changes to the AC market. Anybody who spent time in one of his casinos, and I did since The Taj had the big poker room at the time, would probably not be surprised that they were failing. The customer experience left a lot to be desired compared to the competition.


Publications like Forbes have a lot of trouble accurately valuing the net worth of people who mostly have private businesses so take their estimates as educated guesses. For example they didn't have Isai Scheinberg who owned Poker Stars listed among billionaires until he sold the company even when he was worth many billions.


Here are my thoughts. Trump is very very wealthy by all measures. He isn't nearly as wealthy as he says he is though and he obviously has little understanding about how the economy works. To be fair though many very very successful business people have no idea about macroeconomics. It's one of the great fallacies of thought that the general public has that business success equals economics understanding.

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Speaking of lying.....

Best election ever

Chris Christie should be named Infrastructure Czar in charge of highways and bridges.

I don't trust anything Politfact says about anything because they have proven themselves to be so biased, but that article definitely backed up what I've been saying.

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Here are my thoughts. Trump is very very wealthy by all measures. He isn't nearly as wealthy as he says he is though and he obviously has little understanding about how the economy works. To be fair though many very very successful business people have no idea about macroeconomics. It's one of the great fallacies of thought that the general public has that business success equals economics understanding.


Okay, compare the insight of a successful businessman to a lawyer turned politician then.


I'll go with the businessman if for no other reason than he has a grasp of concepts that allow him to learn at a faster rate than a guy who has never met a payroll deadline.


Expecting anyone who runs for an office to be competent on macroeconomics to go it alone is a foolish expectation.


And given that two different PHD professors who run entire departments at prestigious universities will tell you two opposite methods to 'fix' the economy means its not a hard science.

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Okay, compare the insight of a successful businessman to a lawyer turned politician then...


If said lawyer was just doing real-estate transactions or other copy-and-paste grunt work sure, but if he was a professor, editor of the Law Review, etc, etc.


Given that it's a lot harder for governments to cut-and-run on failed programs than private industry (through discontinuing products or bankruptcy) I want someone to make informed and thought out decisions.


Whereas said businessman makes snap decisions based on instincts -- extremely powerful when you are in your comfort zone and/or you are willing to be a sponge and want to soak up as much information as possible. Unfortunately for the current CiC he is neither in his comfort zone, seems to lack the attention span to really delve into the nuances of situations, and therefore is at the mercy of people around him.

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I would vote based on the quality of their character, their values and beliefs and not what shingle is on the door.


I would want someone who is good at critical thinking, and goes out of his/her way to see issues from both sides. Even if it doesn't change their position would enable better crafted laws to be enabled.


I wouldn't want someone that only listen to "shock personalities" on partisan networks.

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Hard to see how he can come back from lying to Congress like he did when he said he never met with the Russians when in fact he met with the Russian Ambassador twice during the campaign and he's considered Russia's top spy in the US as well as being the Ambassador.




"I did not have international relations with that country."



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Judd Legum‏Verified account


Video of Sessions under oath denying he had any contacts with the Russians during the campaign

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Mig Greengard‏ @chessninja 8h8 hours ago

Photo of Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak after speaking with Trump advisors Flynn and Sessions.



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What bothers me about Russia with Trump & Co is the cloak and dagger bullshit.


If he had come out and said "Yeah, I get along with the Russians really well, including Putin. Maybe it's time we re-examine old beliefs about Russia much like we did about Japan after World War II. This idea that we have to be perpetual enemies is ridiculous. No, we're not going to agree on everything but it's time we got along and I intend to remain in close contact with our Russian allies throughout my administration", nobody would've given two shits.


The fact that they're all in touch with Russians but lying about it, hiding it, then when caught making semantic arguments about how their lies really didn't mean what they seemed, that's extremely concerning.


If we're dumb enough to actually have a 'democracy', then we deserve whatever we get- including foreign nations meddling in our elections by influencing our retards- but once high level foreign officials are in covert contact with high level American officials, that's really scary, especially considering that Trump has constructed a cabinet of people who one after the other are revealed to have been talking to the Russians, subsequent to denying it. Having a potential Russian stooge heading the DOJ could influence shit in weird ways. You wouldn't want Putin influencing an agency like that. They're as close as we have to total power and discretionary authority in this country.

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what bothers me is the fact Democrats are shocked, offended and surprised Russia would try to hack into their server...of course they did, I certainly hope we have some eggheads in a room at the pentagon doing the same, hopefully many rooms full . If we don't there should be an investigation for gross negligence!!


The rest of it is just noise and more garbage from losing.. typical

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Something stinks bout this story.


I have only heard a little, but from what I understand, Sessions said he never met with any Russians?


Then it's found he met with Russian Amb IN HIS OFFICE?


Then I heard he talked about the election?



First, this makes no sense. Even stupid people know that the official offices have records of every person who visits.


Second, How are we supposed to believe that someone knows what they talked about?



Smelly fishes usually turn out to be fish.

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Yea, watched the video.


Franken asked if he would investigate anyone on Trump's campaign if they were in cahoots with the Russkies.



Session said.."Yea if there was anything there there I would investigate"



So now a sitting senator cannot speak to anyone from Russia because he MIGHT get picked to be on an upcoming cabinet and as we all know, Senators cannot be trusted to talk to Russians, because they will betray their country if they do.


If Sessions had a meeting with the Russian Ambassador to talk about something to do with him being on the Senate Armed Services Committee ( which he was a senior member of ), is he wrong that he denied knowing anyone who discussed the election with the Russian government?


It is much more reasonable that he had met with the Russian Amb about normal business, and therefore can honestly say he doesn't know anyone who talked about the election with the Russian Government.



The newest in a long line of "We got him" moments from the left that worked out so well for the last year....


Proof once again that the left learn nothing, know nothing and run on hate and fear, because they are bankrupt of any actual viable ideas.

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typical but won't get reported but this is why the media has no cred, imagine this from a Rep.....just keep telling lies, hide the truth, don't report what you don't like....don't let the facts get in the way

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You can;t blame the left.


They are soooo desperate to get Trump.


Because he's an evil man, literally Hitler without the good hair.


But what they don't get is that Trump is paying attention. Look at the 'leak' before the Joint Sessions speech that supposedly had Trump softening on immigration.


They got all excited, and then Trump let down the hammer on them.


I don't think any blog is better to read while watching the left vs Trump than Scott Adams, the Dilbert creator.


Really insightful in the methodology and Master Persuasion techniques used by team Trump. Here's a good one about the speech he just did at Congress


You know he's good because Twitter is shadow banning his posts.

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I do love when the left throws out "Hitler" to anytone who is paying attention it is obvious. Democrats are the cloest thing to Nazi's we have seen, there is nothing the government should not be in charge of!!


It drives them insane that they are failing

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And they are failing because they are insane.


And yet what about Trump's grasp of reality:

This morning, for example, Trump said he considers it “pathetic” that Senate Democrats “have still not approved my full Cabinet.”


That doesn’t make any sense. It’s not really up to Democrats to confirm his nominees – they’re in the minority; they can’t filibuster nominees; and they have limited control over the Senate’s calendar – and as of yesterday, literally all of Trump’s cabinet choices who are eligible for a vote have already been approved.

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That moment when you can't stop talking about democrats because nothing is working the way you were duped into believing it would.


Glad your Cubs won last year. Have friends from Chicago, probably most loyal fans in America.


Can you believe it is Friday, normally a day to dump things you want to go under the radar. But today it has been like the old west shootout at the ok corral.

Every one got into the act.


Photo contradicts Pelosi's statement about not meeting Kislyak


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