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  1. Resorting to name calling... interesting change there.
  2. the national debt wont grow if spending is cut, spending can't be cut until there is a budget...I don't think this tax bill does enough, I wish there were more personal tax cuts as well the proposed reduced business cuts. bottom line is spending needs to go down. I would cut about 20% across the board, leave security and defense alone, maybe a 5% to them...probably would have the goal cut everything 25% but might no be possible. it is time the ass clowns from both parties learn you can do the same with less. Business has proved it over the last 30 years our government should as well.
  3. I agree these were stupid comments but you don't want to compare stupid comments made by party do you? ...and this changes nothing about this story being believable.
  4. this has nothing to do with right or wrong, with the possible exception of the Clintons we all will agree rape is wrong...it is about believable and reasonable.
  5. Dubey, you are sharp today brother! I man just think those poor girls you are referring to were afraid to public before households had computers, before AOL, before the internet was public knowledge...so for roughly 20 years they waited til Al Gore developed the "interweb" and then after 20 MORE years of soul searching they decided now...now is the safe time to bring up these charges....got it Dub fantasy island is alive and well. but good story!
  6. we or at least the left is reading way to much into alleged, unfounded, possible past behavior....that has no evidence and is being presented as factual...that I will agree with. Hell I might even agree he is a bad guy and I wouldn't like him if I got to know him, I just don't believe what I am being told by the fake news.
  7. McConnell is a prime player in what I hate about the Republican Party. He can't be removed fast enough from the Senate to make me happy. I don't know if it this store is true a more then you guys do...nobody knows. The link posted by Fenix was hit piece if ever one was written, it was full of people speculating, that remembered kind of something but there is no record of anything an the don't know anything personally just they think at some point someone may have told them...maybe they think... Where were all these people during his rise to top powerful positions over the last 30 years
  8. How did you go from accused to an abuser overnight? Nobody finds it odd that 30 years or whatever have gone by and now....now they feel the need to come clean? And then some people are ready railroad him as guilty....sorry the stories don't add up to me.
  9. Interesting that you find these 2 unfit for office for being accused of garbage and have not a shred of evidence....but bob is on trial for corruption and you lefties never even give it a thought.
  10. these types of things are already happening via trusts and whatever. it is nothing new, used every day, Democrats take advantage of it as well....or do you think the Clintons and Soros and Gates of the world don't use tax laws....so stop the chicken little, it is all and only trump routine and maybe there could be an interesting conversation. Until then just more fake news!
  11. I have accountants that structure assets for tax purposes....there things out there to use. I don't know or care about the details. What I am mocking is the fact that you and BHO twitter boy you are in love with think trump is alone in this....
  12. Paragraph 1 I totally agree with, 2 probably not but I would love to hear your logic.
  13. pretty sure dubey doesn't know anything about business structure or tax planning or wealth management...so there s him. Bob plays poker real good and is a champion web surfer - twitter is his a safe space I think!
  14. 90 plus % of small business owners have a series of LP's LLC and S-corps....the ones that don't are either very small or lacking good professional services. LP's own LLC's which operate properties, owned by real-estate companies....which have owners...typically he same people.
  15. I did read the link....it is very simple minded to assume trump is the only person / entity / corporation that uses that uses the tax laws and corporate laws to set up a structure....because none of the other wealthy families would use them....just the trumps!!! Very sound logic there - even for you.
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