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World Cup Of Hockey 2016

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Bettman made a good point yesterday. He said the goal was to have competitive games. They did.


A team like Germany or Denmark would of got blown out


Why would you have Germany or Denmark?


Slovakia, Switzerland would be the obvious next 2, and they both would be ok. Would they lose? Sure, but its not like the 8th best team in soccer wins the World Cup very often, if ever.

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The logo on the floor is even more idiotic.   How about if you don't want people to step on a symbol you don't put a giant copy of it on the floor? Lol

he wouldn't have made Team USA if American either because he doesn't fit well with their other players. He would be skating too fast and leaving the other players behind and we all know that players s

you pick a new coach


Oh so you came up with those names, it wasnt what Bettman said. Ah, that makes sense.


Why are semantics so important. The point was the 7 and 8th team wouldn't be as competitive as Europe or NA

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Amazing comedian Anthony Jeselnik (one of the headliners this year) just crashed a show I was at and asked about the World Cup. He was pretty into it, though he's from the US (Pittsburgh). He thanked us for Kessel to my solo standing ovation.

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