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The most interesting thing about the worlds largest beaver dam is that it was discovered via Google Earth and some guy trekked out there to see it IRL and was the first person to ever set foot in that

Beware of overcharging someone. Thats the #1 lesson learned from the Zimmerman case. He was guilty of avoidable behavior that ultimately culminated in a fatality- manslaughter- but he was not guilty

You should've tried to get on the jury and convince the rest that he was not guilty.

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What a coincidence that on the week the first Grand Jury indictments have come down (all sealed so can't comment) that anti-Hillary smears have gone to Defcon 2?


As the right would say: Trump won the election, move on?


Likely this indictment will be a small level player for something unrelated to the election. That's what you get when you panel a witch hunt and go on a fishing expedition.


But like Obama, it would be smart not to defend/support a Clinton when the charge is corruption. Best to distance yourself lest you be stained.

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Screenshotted for the next time you babble about the great global warming conspiracy.


Never changed a post before, don;t plan on doing it in the future.


I've been wrong here at least 4 times.


I admit it.

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No too much info for a tweet, instead they did a story


So while a full on investigation on racketeering was being investigated by the Obama justice department, the committee that approved the sale was not informed of the investigation,


The investigation was about the wide scale bribery and foreign agents actively involved in making this deal go through.


Spies were deported over this.


And the committee was denied any information about the investgation.


While the Clinton foundation received north of $140million.




No imagine if Trump had been involved, do you think this would give cry for impeachment by the left?


Receiving $140million, then not blocking the sale at least until the investigation was concluded?



Obama must be so sad that Hillary as going to destroy anything remotely close to a positive legacy he might have had.

He's destined to be a footnote because he didn't have the balls to tell Clinton she lost and to go away.



Is it even possible for right wingers to tell the truth any more?



For an actual example of blatant corruption happening just this month, try looking into the 300 million Puerto Rico deal that was given to a company with just two(very well connected) employees.

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I know you don't believe in facts but posting this for others about Uranium One and the reality.


What other people are you talking about? There are only like 6 people that even come here, and none of them are changing their minds based on a copy/paste.






Wouldn't a picture of her with a rapist like Bill have been a better choice?

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Manafort is a solid choice, the question in my mind is for what crime and when were they committed?

also how many total convictions? how any do you pin on Trump?

how many convictions go across party?

You don't really believe this is going stop on party lines do you?


lots of was to gambol on this

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Hillary spent $14million from her campaign to collude with the Russians to frame Trump for colluding with the Russians.


Podesta Group worked with Manafort on Ukrainian deal


Almost a year of digging into Trump's Russian conspiracy has resulted in a guy who didn't pay his taxes before he worked for Trump.


And a nobody who kept trying to get Trump campaign to meet with Russians but kept getting turned down.



Thank you for your tireless efforts working on Trump Re-election 2020. Your assistance will be laughed at.

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This helps explain old people supporting Trump.


Learning From the Fight Against Lead

As policymakers work to curb mercury pollution, they should consider the history of another dangerous metal.


According to some estimates, the use of leaded gasoline stole five or more IQ points from those of us who grew up in big U.S. cities during the 1960s and early 1970s, when contamination peaked. Studies show that children with higher levels of lead in their baby teeth do worse on tests of reading ability, grammatical reasoning, vocabulary, reaction times and hand-eye coordination. And the doses back then were massive -- typical kids had blood levels five times what’s known to cause brain damage. In case there was any doubt, newer studies confirm that lead’s damaging effects on children are permanent.


Eventually, science moved policymakers to take action. Now people around the world face the same challenge with mercury -- another metal that’s toxic to children’s brains. Do we stall and debate while risking harm, or act with a greater level of precaution? The lessons of the past offer some guidance.

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oh bob...that is a knee slapper.


it is not quite as funny as the ones of Von Jones attempting to figure out how to tell his kids Trump won http://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2016/11/09/van-jones-emotional-election-results-sot.cnn


or Rachel

or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVogLdbfOfQ


then there are always Hilary's thoughts....


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another peaceful Muslim goes on joyride...snippet from MSN that conservative site. the man obviously wants to meet the good Lord, whoever he is...and I for one think we should facilitate that for him.



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of course the DNC rigged the primary for Hillary

of course the Trump team colluded with the Russians

it's all been so obvious this whole time


yup, the DNC was in Hillary's pocket but she still would have won the primary against Bernie who wasn't a Democrat and still isn't. Not surprising that the DNC went out of it's way to defeat the candidate who wasn't a member of their party. Not good but not surprising.

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yup, the DNC was in Hillary's pocket but she still would have won the primary against Bernie who wasn't a Democrat and still isn't. Not surprising that the DNC went out of it's way to defeat the candidate who wasn't a member of their party. Not good but not surprising.


I mean, I really don't know about that. Every single person I know preferred Bernie to Hillary. The DNC saw another Obama-esque populist wave coming to sweep her away and did everything they could to stop it. If they gave him a fair shake, I think he would have beaten her.

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