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I Suck With Queens Facing Threebets

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It depends on your opening size; 3x 3.5x 4x or even 2.5xor the 24x fake misclick otb w/ AAgo to type in .60 (at 25nl) and type 6.00 and then say oops in the chat box... works best with fish in the blinds who love to call
The correct answer as with most things in poker is depends. If you go pot and they 3bet pot while not in the blinds, b/e point is 70.5%. In SSNL 2+2 ebook they say start being a monkey with 3bets at 75%. As you decrease your open size, you don't need to defend as often since stealing the blinds is more profitable. On the same page though if they are 3betting less then pot then they don't need you to fold as often to make being a monkey correctThere are a lot of variables to this and there might be times that inducing this type of aggression would a good strategy since they might cbet too much against our super tight range. People who will try to exploit your high fold to 3b will probably cbet too much, even though you have pretty much folded all the hand you were planning on folding preflop. Reminds me of the anecdotal tale about a High Stakes LHE HU specialist that thought defending ATC from the BB was profitable. Since regs use to raise close to 100% on btn, he is getting 3:1 immediate odds on a defend. That isn't enough but he also saw that most people who did the 100% open also flop cbet 100% so it was really 4:1 on any hand. Point is though unless you are picking something up in another area, you are folding too much at 70%+I had been avoiding this thread because of the "dickish" manna I worded this(depends is pretty much the only answer as KJ pointed out) and the amount of maths I would have to dissect if he actually did answer. If I had known I had an individualized rant from Drew I probably would have opened it earlier.
Maybe Im reading into this post wrong but you come across like a huge dick here, and I am not quite sure why you would do that. And not just you but a lot of people in this forum have been pretty douchey to the new guy Jbird since he started posting here. And for some reason it kind of struck a nerve with me. Yeah most of his post thus far have been pretty LOL but that doesn't mean we all should be a bunch of dick heads. Every single one of us posted some LOL shit back in day when we started talking strat in these forum or others. We all got better cause better players than us took the time and gave us constructive criticism to our games and not some short condescending post like the one i quoted. Its not like there are a bunch of people posting in here, so there no need to gang up on the new guy and push him away. Id like to think this place was better then 2+2.
I agree with everything here.I usually am better with my answers. Heck I even got this PM a few weeks ago. q-cGWcUd411wBAhrvW0m.pngSince it is a PM I won't say who it was. Definitely was a nice gesture though. My conduct in this thread was not the best side of me, something about Jbird rubbed me the wrong way. You're right though, If I can't say something nice, then I shouldn't say anything.
Fighter, you probably could have worded that in a more productive manner... and this is coming from a guy who has enjoyed trolling FCP for the past year or two.
I agreeI should have just said "Your foldto3bet% is a street sign that reads 'welcome to value town'; dont fold more then 70%". That is 1 post instead of the 2 I took, that is like a 50 % increase in productivity. Thanks for helping to plug my trolling leaks merby.
I don't think it's so much about the LOL content, but more the arrogance behind his explanations. I could be wrong, but he seems to get all defensive when his play is questioned. Not that he has to agrees with the vets, but it's as if he's not even willing to look at the other side of coin. Again, i might be misinterpreting, but i don't seem to be only one.
You have such a bad read on this situation that I am surprised it isn't a poker hand. :club: Just kidding, thanks for sticking up for me.
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I am just confused by the way it was worded

In SSNL 2+2 ebook they say start being a monkey with 3bets at 75%
but it means, if they fold to 3bets more than 75%, be a monkey and 3b ATC...
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I usually am better with my answers. Heck I even got this PM a few weeks ago.
I agree you are usually really great with your responses, maybe that's why I found it so off putting when one of the posters i respect the most started trolling. And I wasn't trying to just call you out since 3 or 4 other posters where acting the same way, but i don't know if that translated well. Its all good now and I apologize for my rant.
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