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F: LaceyM: LivK: VanessaStandard?
I think marrying a poker player across the board is a bad decision, so I'd fuck then kill lacey, kill then fuck vanessa, and google liv boeree because I have no idea who that is.
I think you'd love Liv, English accent, hot, wins at poker and plays guitar.
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OK, you guys know the game. You have to marry one of the following, have sex with the other for one evening, and then kill the other one. Provide explanations:Vanessa Rousso KLiv Boeree MLacey Jones F
The first on is super easy. Liv seems like an awesome wife, vanessa makes most people want to remove their ears, and lacey is .. yeah...
How about:Annette Oberstad FKathy Liebert KJennicide M
I'd want to marry the only one i'm attracted to at all (plus she seems like "one of the guys" and not in the Kathy Liebert way), and the other two is a lesser of two evils thing.
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You know what's a good way deal with all those cunts out there criticizing you about your misogyny? Start a marry, fuck, kill thread!
HAHAHA!When I first read saw this, I figured DN's account was hacked.....Oh and:This thread delivers!
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