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Pokerstars Pca Day 6 - Final Table

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Weeeee! Nice binkage!Anyone else hate D'Angelo's call??????????? Or is that standard?
hand pretty much completely standard espec b/c of position/image But GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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pretty standard
Just hate that.. I dunno. I know Gibler has had a loose image early.. but he still had to put another like 3.7 mill in on top of his 4 bet. I dunno, guess he had the chips.
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Can I get a hand recap? Only know the result, not the circumstances.
<h3 id="no128405">Gimbel Risks Stack On a Flip</h3> Hand #6 - Harrison Gimbel Aage Ravn has the button in Seat 3 and action folds over to Ryan D'Angelo who raises to 220,000. Harrison Gimbel reraises to 650,000 from the big blind. D'Angelo asks for a count on Gimbel's stack and then four-bets to 1.3 million. Gimbel moves all in and D'Angelo calls. It's showdown time. Gimbel rolls over da.gifkd.gif while D'Angelo holds js.gifjc.gif. We've got our first all-in situation and it's going to be a flip. The flop is dealt as.gifqh.gif3h.gif and Gimbel's supporters cheer. The turn card brings the ac.gif, keeping Gimbel ahead. The final card to hit the board is the kc.gif and Gimbel goes on to make a full house and double up through the start-of-the-day chip leader. Gimbel was all in for 5.085 million and now has over 10 million in chips. Gimbel lost about half of his stack.
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