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  1. BoooDaniel Negreanu Eliminated in 4th Place ($80,000)Daniel Negreanu limped on the button with Qc5c , David Benyamine completed in the small blind with Kd9s, and Giovanni Safina checked his option with As 2d .The flop would create fireworks for sure coming down Kc 9c Qd. Benyamine checked, as did Safina and Negreanu bet 40,000 before Benyamine raised it up to 120,000. Negreanu moved all in, and Benyamine quickly made the call. The Kh on the turn ended all the drama, and the 2s on the river was just for kicks. Benyamine had Negreanu barely covered, and now has 694,000. Daniel Negreanu earned $
  2. Just hate that.. I dunno. I know Gibler has had a loose image early.. but he still had to put another like 3.7 mill in on top of his 4 bet. I dunno, guess he had the chips.
  3. Weeeee! Nice binkage!Anyone else hate D'Angelo's call??????????? Or is that standard?
  4. This break is so dumb. 1.5 hoursish in...ugh!Great match so far.. pretty exciting with the commentary.
  5. Sick sick sick structure for this years circuit events! $345/555 buy in NL events start with 10k chips and 45 min levels. Tons of levels might I add! Gonna be pretty awesome!$5k main event has 30k chips and 75 minute levels. (not that I'll be playing this one, just an FYI).
  6. Still don't think it's a better structure than The Venetian.Venetian still offers all the middle levels, has a much smoother blind structure and antes.
  7. Was a bit slow for our first Chicago event, but decent over-all. I think the bears game definitely affected business. We're there again next Thursday, so hopefully more of you can show up. Thanks for those who did. Off to bed, g'night!
  8. It's our first time venturing into the city, so hopefully we'll get at least 50 for the MINI deepstack. We've been running BIG Deepstacks the last couple weekends, those may be more up your alley Suited_Up. $200 buy in, 30 min levels 15k chips to start. Not sure when the next one of those is, but our mini deepstacks have an excellent structure still with a lot of play early on.Hope you can make it out.
  9. I'll pass that along, thanks Jeff.
  10. For those looking to play some live tournaments or cash games this week, Chicago Charitable Games is finally in the city tomorrow (Thursday) from 5pm - 2am running live cash games and tournaments at the Strawdog Theatre on N. Broadway St. The full address is 3829 N Broadway Chicago, IL 60613.To see the schedule for the event please click this here:Chicago Poker Live We'll also be at the same place next Thursday the 18th. Tell your friends, come on out, I hope to see you there! Ryan
  11. Now don't quote me on this, but I had a situation before in the 2-5 game at the Horseshoe, where I called a guys bet on the river and he insta-mucked. Someone asked to see my hand, and the dealer said that since the called hand mucked, I didn't have to show my hand, which I gladly didn't, and thought that I wouldn't have to show.I've kinda adapted this rule for when I'm dealing as well. I really think that since they mucked, you shouldn't be forced to show a winning hand, sine them mucking equals you winning anyway, regardless of your two cards.Mucked hand heads up = other guy winning. Card
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