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Funny, after this convo, I decided to chirp at 'Meech, and told him when he gets a show, call it "Scorched Earth". He replied "I love that idea #stealingit." So if that ends up being the name, you can say you knew me back when. Hah

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Much like with Christianity, someday after I'm dead, when people are forming a religion around me, there will be a big split between those who don't believe in the literal divinity of my lifestyle and

God I love that Incognito song.

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Holy shit this thread is still going. I googled "lebatard show 'blaze of cote'" to try to listen to the song and it brought me here. I am actually a fan of the LeBatard Show because of this thread. It's really cool but now I wish I was here talking about the show for the past 4 years.


I still love this show, and I listen everyday. I cringe every time I hear hacky sports talk radio because of this show.


I love pretty much all of the guest hosts. Even Cote. The "Price is Right" noise still gets me and Blaze of Cote is one of my favorite songs


I am a Heat fan and LeBron leaving was brutal. I cant stand how everyone loves him and Cleveland now. **** Cleveland. But then I know I'm being a jealous prick if I say it.


So what's up?

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There is something about Izzy, something real small, that bothers me about him. Not outright anger, but just every once in a while, he'll say something that makes me think he thinks he's too cool for school. When he hosted with Ethan Skolnick, Ethan was stupid crazy informed about salary cap and the Leonsis rule and Izzy knew neither was seemed a little too proud of it.


Same with this past Thursday's show. Mike Ryan and Sedano were having that hilarious discussion about skating rinks and Miami stuff, and izzy just seemed so detached.


I'm nitpicking of course, he seems alright overall.


I said it before though, Imcant listen to just one guy on sports radio. I like the two guys or more dynamic.




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I think we're back in business today. Thankfully. Guess we shouldn't complain about the annoying things because it's better than nothing.



Also happy UM lost. I really dislike their fans.

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I'm also not sure that the email the hawks owner sent was wrong in any way. Haven't heard bomani yet, but Whitlock wrote that it wasn't racist and I agreed with him.


Essay agrees with the biggest Tom in sports media.. Shocking


Was just going to write that.



Whitlock has made a living being the black voice that white people can point to and say "seeee, it's not racist because the black guy is saying it." Basically, the sports world's Ben Carson


I fell for it for a while and don't mind some of his stuff as he makes some decent points, but Bomani is my go to man now

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Is Dan getting dumber?


It took everyone in the studio to convince him that he has to mention the webcam during the ESPN portion of the show, and then he screams about how you have to overpay to keep Stanton and then screams at Stu and Bo when they say okay, then overpay him. So annoying.

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