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Okay I Would Love To Know Who Excels At What Game

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I'd like to play rose hu at nlhe cash at 200nl to 1000nl, her choice. I will get money on any site to get this done, and will play her for the rest of my life.Edit: make that any limit 200nl+
I'd like to play rose @ 100plo+
you all think I am rich lol, even tho yours is tempting skully
I wanna play Rose hu at strip poker
so cute grocery
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had to do something to get my post count up to the 5000 count lol, so this did it. You know how hard it was to get it up there for this Sunday geez :club:

I think vbnautilus should have to go back through all his Rose threads now and apologize Mark
well stated Mark, he should do that for making me sit through that torture
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PLO or PLO/8, thursdays between 7 and 7:10pm, on odd numbered days, just preceeding a full moon, but only after eating 3 chicken nuggets and sipping precisely 1.7 ounces of mr. pibb.Will play anyone at any level.

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How is this possibly a joke account?
<3 Poker Addict
i basically suck at everything....sigh..
join the club :club:
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