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Negreanu And The Blog Disappearance

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who the fu... is al sparton or whatever his name isFirst of all, the fact that daniel himself took the time to answer my posts was truly admirable, no doubt. but it didn't surprize me at all. It is expected in someone like him.I won't discuss anymore about the blog remove though I still got some doubts on that but I there is no need to keep arguing anyway.Btw when it comes to NLHE discussion whether it is boring or not, IMO razz, stud, and even lowball I find them sometimes to mechanical with little to think. NLHE is much more interesting game, u might get less action as in those mentioned before but it definately implies a good percentage of skill to play. I can't say the same for razz, for stud, for 5 card draw, lowball. I think they are fun games but I won't make a ranking of the best razz poker players of the world, it would be stupid, if you know the basics of the game then u know everything u should know, lets be honest, u bet depending on the cards u have and your opponent has, theres little to read when u have limit bets. Obviously there is better razz players than others but still it's too mechanical. But in the case NLHE the situation is completely different, u can outplay people, u have many other variables and since it's no limit you can do tons of moves, more skill is involved in this case. That's why i find it like much more interesting game and with deeper concepts than any of the other games. Those games are boring cus skill is so little involved. Hence, I think winning a tournament involving those games isn't that meritorious with all respect. It's like u get it or u don't get it, you can hardly play if u don't get cards.Anyway this is still my opinion of course.

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If enough morons use these words in the wrong way, they do not actually become correct.
You might not want this to be true... but that doesn't make it true.See: Ironic
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'1. incentivate To motivate, same as incentivize, but it sounds better. We're going to incentivate the employees with cash rewards, raises, promotions and holidays. '
I may be wrong on this, but this sounds like a George Bush word.....
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