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GL man, win all that 10nl monies

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Update:Sorry that I havent been on lately. I've been breaking even for a bit. I've looked up some 6 max videos on cardrunners; I highly recommend these videos. It's improved my game greatly. I've been playing 10nl 6 max lately and I'm at about $1300.@KyleNot sure what to tell you about avoiding your wife... but I would suggest some training videos from either Cardrunners or Stoxpoker.Thats it for now-thedonk

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Fast forward four years... Black Friday here and gone, and ever since the game has never been the same (obviously). I ended up cashing out at 2.5k on pokerstars. At that time I was multitabling $16 9-man mtts. Currently, I've been playing carbon poker on and off; sadly, more off than on. I deposited $100 on there about a year or so ago and right now it's at $300 (like I said, been playing here and there--not taking it too seriously). Randomly thought of this thread and it really brings out the feels. Anyways, I was accepted into law school, so I'm gonna play as much online poker as I can this summer--which isn't going to be all that much, I'm working 40 hours at my summer job. I plan on grinding cash games once again, so I currently have 30 buy-ins @ 10nl.


Today was actually a really good day. I won 9.5 buy in's at 10nl ($95--I started the day at $205). If anyone cares to follow me once again reply here and I'll post my carbon screen name. Otherwise, I'll continue the grind as I've been.



Your long time pal,



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Impressive man :) even at the low levels building your br to 20x the starting is a sign of discipline and dedication to the game. :)

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