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  1. It appears to me that His first move would indicate a chase at best cuz mostly likely woulda raised preflop with pocket Js 10s or 6s if hes aggressive... So not much worry of a set from the beginning, and a river check would definitely rule out the set or even a two pair slow play, unless hes absolutely insane. I would guess that any bet on the river would fold him but one is still necessary so i would go a very small value bet like 1/3 with the idea he may reraise all in for a snap call. If its obvious that the player doesn't have the cards im scared of but acts like he wants to stay in the
  2. Impressive man even at the low levels building your br to 20x the starting is a sign of discipline and dedication to the game.
  3. A mod removed some crucial info i put in for a reason.I guess i'll try to rephrase that info. This radio show was setup in a poker affiliate community for affiliates but the info in the radio show isn't simply about affiliates. Its an interview about Reactions and US gambling law with a Harvard Grad who's been the US go to guy for gambling law advice in the US since before online poker began...
  4. Hey everyone, this is a great radio show that i just listened to live. it aired about an hour ago.http://www.blogtalkradio.com/pokeraffiliat...h-i-nelson-roseThe free radio show is basically an interview with The man currently deemed as the go to guy for US Gambling Law advice. I Nelson Rose.IN ANY CASE, Its simply a solid interview for anyone to listen to and hear from someone WITH CREDENTIALS about the recent online poker .com seizures of the 4 large US Brands, and speculation about the state of online poker going forward.Also note: this show was recorded right before I. Nelson Rose was
  5. Didn't know if anyones seen this party at the doj video yet, but its pretty catchy. made me laugh, looks like its got quite a few views already.
  6. if you buy into the speculation that the recent actions of the doj were an act of "law based capitalism"... which in lamens terms, means that they strategically crippled the only brands that controlled the market so that in the near future big us casinos can actually compete quickly....then bodog is probably not going to lose their .comThey were already a bigger OVERALL online gambling brand in the US then Stars.Im talking real money online gamblers. A huge part of the player base at tilt, stars, ap is also freerollers and play money players.In the online casino arena, Us land casinos have no
  7. I actually don't know from experience about the sportsbook, I've just heard several people say that and i took their word for it. In any case, they have a very large customer base of sports and horse bettors.Also, sportsbookreview which i assumed was actually a reputable sports betting portal gives bodog a very high rating. I'm not sure if its all about the software, its more likely the limits and support and such for above average bettors...
  8. I have several webmaster friends that are reporting a continued increase in sign ups at bodog poker. At this point, its appearing that bodog may well move into being the real money cash game market leader fairly fast. I'll be interested to see if they start stacking up on there guaranteed tournament offerings.I think this is a good sign as long as bodog can stay strong in the US. I've recieved an affiliate manager email boasting confidence in standing strong but i guess time will tell. They've always been a solid brand and many believe they're the top rated online sportsbook on a mainstrea
  9. in case you didn't notice, all of the lines are untrue.
  10. well its still early, but im sure bodog's traffic will continue to grow, as its being pushed alot by many top online poker info portals. Carbon Poker also apparently has seen a 15% rise in traffic.With rises, come improved games. The other speculated network that was thought might grow has only seen a 1% increase this weekend. I guess we'll see how this plays out.
  11. The Wall Street Journal just published an article discussing the recent black friday and reported that still us friendly bodog poker out of canada has grown 21% in real money players stemming from site traffic scouter pokerscout.com compared to last Saturday.Looking at Bodog it appears that their cash game traffic and tournament traffic is pretty much inline with the likes of CEREUS and Party atm and growing. A lot of affiliate related poker websites are really pushing carbon poker (the flagship brand on the merge network) as the next best option for us players. The head Carbon poker affilia
  12. I guess the point was to state a few things i know and then something that i seemingly don't know. Also, i feel like rhyming is appropriate when the subject matter isn't overly serious...
  13. can you elaborate on better than worse?
  14. I just wrote a poem on my lame poker poetry blog called Is Online Poker Illegal?Its not so much about how good the poem is as about highlighting an interesting video about Popular Speculation as to the motives of the doj doin what they done. Anyways, feel free to comment on the blog or in the thread if you like and let me know what you think or add quality info to the post. Thanks for looking.
  15. I made a pro team iphone wallpaper for sports fans and put them in my flickr, which allows people to find their favorite team quickly. Iphone users and sports fans please enjoy and lemme know if you like em, alot of my friends do so i thought i'd share with more people. i posted this thread a few days ago in a mac forum and got some decent feedback.Team Wallpapers PreviewPro Team Iphone wallpaper setsNHL - NFL - NBA - MLS - MLBThese iphone wallpapers should work well on any phone using 480x320 screen resolution...which is alot of options right now
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