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  1. This. reshuffle the deck, (i'm not sure if you include dead cards), have the dealer complete his action, and proceed accordingly.
  2. First break with 2765. Doubled up TT vs 77.
  3. Just guessing that that week straight of 3am finishes finally caught up to him. You could tell by some of those later video blogs he was just getting sick of being at the Rio. It might have been worth it in the end though for his POY bets, he probably won all of them except the one vs. Barry and Lisandro.
  4. Wonder if its possible for him to cash even if he doesn't play the rest of the tournament.
  5. Aye. Tis the life for the micro stakes player.
  6. Heh. Here's how I'm rolling today.FTP: Daily Dollar RebuyFTP: $2.25 1r+1a.Oh baby.
  7. GL runners. Someday I'll be able to say I'll see you guys there.
  8. Is there some point where they say, Go away, sleep for 6 hours, come back and finish this thing later?
  9. He's said in the video blog that there's way too much play in the early levels and most pros don't show up to the limit events until the 2nd level.
  10. Random thought: Think they'll make a 6-handed PLO event at the WSOP in the near future?
  11. And there's the cash.Hope the poker gods don't smite me for deciding not to flip with 55 right before the bubble.
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