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  1. Many of us at at the table felt the same way but as is the way the Judge has final say. That is why I am hoping that someone here is intimate with the rules and can at least clarify if it was handles correctly.The dealer/player in question went on to make the final table and went out as the bubble. No extra points and no cash so maybe there was a bit of justice in the end but still feel sorry for the guy he knocked out if the situation was handles incorrectly.
  2. I have a question and would like a clarification on rules for a tournament I was in.Here is the situation:Small usually friendly poker league. Minor tournament for points and small cash prize.the players do the dealingThe hand in question:Preflop: all fold to the dealer who raises double the big blind. Small blind raises all in. Big blind folds.As soon as the big blind folds the dealer deals out the flop. He does not call the all in. He is told that the SB is all in and he says "oh? well then I call"The flop was 8h Kd 4cThe dealer then turns over his hold cards and shows Ah and Ks.All in shows
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