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We have day 1 complete at the Expo.   It was a very uneventful day since the turnout was low. I believe that the fight between 2 guys in the industry is going to get nasty and another show is going

Otto and I enjoy it. We spend the whole weekend together and have a blast. We don't make a lot of money from it. We only do it for the love of the hobby   Because of doing this we have met a lot

The show I think was a success. We had a regular win the signed derozan jersey. Thank god he won since 3 guys I have never seen came in at the last second. When the draw was over they left. Peopl

So far the highest price paid for the Cadillac of hockey cards (The Cup):




Sold for $15,100 cdn.


In case you are wondering how much a tin costs of The Cup:




$775 cdn






$650 us


or a case of 6 tins




$3,895 us


In the past the Cup tins use to go for around $400 cdn. The skyrocket in price has only 1 answer. Auston Matthews has really driven the hockey card industry. Nothing like a star playing for the Leafs. I was thinking of getting Otto to break a tin to see what we get but at $775 cdn. I am not so sure. Probably just do the $300 jersey box thing we always did in the past at the Expo.

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We have day 1 complete at the Expo.


It was a very uneventful day since the turnout was low. I believe that the fight between 2 guys in the industry is going to get nasty and another show is going to start to go against the Sportscard Expo.


Otto got to the Expo latter and the amount of people asking me where he is was non stop. What no one is happy to see me?


The dealer across from us had to get an ambulance. The father fainted and had to go to the hospital. The son (he must be around $25) took over. I went over to see if the Dad was doing okay and he said he is fine but needed some tests to be done at the hospital.


Sales were low for me but I heard others did well. Hopefully the sales pickup tomorrow. I am bring my younger daughter since she loves to be the cashier.


The best part of the Expo was what came up to me from guys looking to sell their cards. I brought alot of rookies (400 cards) and paid $300 for them. It is a nice deal and I am reloaded for a few years. Sold 50 of them for $100 already on Friday.


Another lot came to me and it was only McDavid. Had a good discussion with the seller and he said one dealer offer him $1,500 for the lot. I offer him $2,000 and he thought about it but turn it down. It was a good offer but he did not bite.


One guy from Detroit came by and he had some very nice stuff. We settle on this 2 card lot to me for $375:








One funny thing that happen, my partner for the booth brought this card for $85:




and in 2 seconds sold it for $120 to a buyer standing next to him.


Than this guy came over with alot of cards. He kept complaining about how he can't sell his card for $12,000 and it was a waste of time for him to come to the Expo. He dumped a bunch of cards on my showcase and I only wanted to buy his 3 McDavid rookies:




He wanted $900 for the lot and I offered him $750. He than got angry at me and left in a huff. I had no issue with giving him $900 but when someone is rude, you know where you can go.


One of the last guys who came by was this older Chinese guy. I gave him a nickname of Fu Man Chu. Anyways he asked us if we were buying and he said would we be interested in this. He shows us 2:




I was like I don't see too many since people are hoarding them now. My partner than scares him off since he wanted an offer from us so he said $200 each. He looked at us and gave us a stunned look. He than walked off and will not talk to us. He than came back 3 mins latter and flashed $450. We than said you didn't get $450 for both Crosbys? He said no, only 1 and flashed the other one. I said will you take $400 and he said no, he wants $450. I looked at it and the corner was slightly dinged but I gave it to him. Another dealer came by and offer me $650 for it and I said no. I want $850.


In the past I use to complain that no one asks me if I want to buy anything, not tonight. Love seeing the cards.

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One other thing I forgot, I might have this card tomorrow in a trade:




Day 2 of the Expo.


The guy decided to pull out of the trade we discussed Friday night. I actually thought it was not a good deal for myself but I gave him my word I would do it. So when he said no, I was fine and thought thank god.


It was a pretty uneventful day. Saw some more nice cards come across the booth. It was actually a busy day people wise but sales were okay. However I am only at 40% of my target and Sundays are always slow business days. Oh well.


I did purchase some more cards (can't help myself). I got 2 of theses:




and 2 of theses:




The 4 card lot cost me $320.


My goal for tomorrow is to not purchase anything but if something was to come my way it is going to be extremely hard not to buy it. The best part of the Expo so far is my garbage cards are selling well. It is just that my high price cards are not selling.


Got to hit the bed early tonight. Otto and I are going to meet a dealer for breakfast

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The 3rd and last day of the Expo. Usually its the slowest day in regards to sales and it definitely was. My goal for total sales only met just over 50%. However we are not in it to make money so it still was a very enjoyable weekend. It maybe over but we are looking forward to the next one in May.


We did have a scare during the day. I thought someone stole 2 signed 8x10s of McDavid. Luckily they were located on my table because some kid mixed up the pics and we found them in the middle.


Someone did asked me if I wanted to trade my Crosby rookie for this:




Now I truly believe that this auction is a fake and was bidded up. I think the card is worth maybe $500 and my Crosby rookie is worth $850. Really have to watch out for stuff like this.


I did not have Otto to help setting up and it took me 1.5 hours. Tear down only took 20 mins since Otto was there to help (thank god).


I took Monday off and going out with the wife for breakfast.

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Glad you had fund again Wayne. Enjoy your well deserved breakfast!


I would also like to congratulate you on not watching our NFL teams play yesterday in the Fitzpatrick-McCown Return Regurgitate Bowl, as that might have been the worst display by 2 QB's I have ever seen in a football game. Both of them playing against their former teams did nothing for their motivation I guess, since both sucked bad.

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Just wrapping up our cardshow today. It is a sad day since we are probably done with this location since the owners are more into taking in refugees than running a hotel. So I must find a new location.


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where is the new spot ?


I got us a Legion hall. It is not as nice was the Radisson but it suits our needs. Vendor tables are smaller and also the room. The positive is a full service bar and we have a location that we can guarantee dates into the future. Got to make sure Otto doesn't go crazy at the bar.

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I had a conversation with a friend who knew someone who wanted to sell his hockey collection. I had a talk with him and he said he just wanted to get rid of it. I told him I would look at it and give him a very fair offer. He said he knew that I had to make something off of it and he is fine with that.


So at our cardshow I sold a few things (around $3k). I see the guy on Sunday and look over his stuff. I give him my honest opinion on his stuff and than we talk dollars. I gave him a firm $3k offer and he turn it down. Wanted $6k. Told him I could not do that since the cards are older and it is alot harder to move. He comes down to $5k and I said no. Than he says maybe I can find him a collector who wants to pay that and not looking to resell them.


I thought why did I come over? I sold my cards so I can give him a good offer. Now I wish I didn't sell my stuff at the cardshow.

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Hi Wayne, I was curious what kind of protective cases you use and/or recommend for Upper Deck "The Cup" cards, as they're so thick. I've been getting really interested in these cards lately, and I'm trying to get my hands on a few singles on Ebay but I want to be ready to protect them. Really thinking hard about buying a couple tins as well, they're so expensive but it seems like you can pull some incredibly unique stuff out of them.


Thanks for any advice, hope you're doing well. :)

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Hey Adam


Hope all is well. I am at a client all day so I will pm you tonight


The Cup? Wow deep pockets. I will fill you in on the dark side of The Cup. Yes there is a dark side



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