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Official Buffalo Sabres Thread

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Don't know why giving someone the benefit of the doubt would be so hard.   Like, at any point in life. Maybe I'm a push over, but I'm more than happy to give most people the benefit of the doubt in

Ted Nolan's dream job? Coaching the Sabres without a GM.

Buffalo Sabres ‏@BuffaloSabres 1m Mikhail Grigorenko has informed the #Sabres that he will be reporting to the Quebec Remparts.

Walks up to mic...."Gimme Reinhart".....drops mic, walks off stage.


This is my new favourite GM.


I loved that.


None of that thanking everybody bullshit

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I hope so, Mrs.Reinhart was one of my highlights of the night.


There is one more. One of the guys I was watching with said heS supposed to be the best one, and I mentioned that they said the same about Jared.

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Signing Reinhart:

"They're going to ask for a lot. I'm going to think its too much. And they're going to get it."



"We need to be more like the NBA, so I asked about a player on Saturday who was taken in first round Friday"


I'm really loving this guy.

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Hey Adam, did you watch the last couple Sabres games? How has Catennacci looked? Box score said he got less than 9 minutes of ice time.


Adam doesn't really post here anymore.

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