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LOL @ Fossilman's response in the Stars chat a sec ago:Randers [observer]: randallintrail rated [observer]: party on Richmondcbax9888 [observer]: hey fossiilman what are the perks to being wsop champtrail rated [observer]: LETS GO TO TREASURES RANDERSDealer: Game #12121156081: The Omaholic wins pot (22500)Magnet Steve [observer]: Hey Omaholic, what are the perks of having missles on your armsFossilMan: cbax, too much to discuss in chatRanders [observer]: pick a worse spot then okmanganello [observer]: loltrail rated [observer]: LOLstevesmells [observer]: lol at perks questionFossilMan: but trust me, you coudl get laid if that's what you're askingtrail rated [observer]: ummmmmmmmmmmtrail rated [observer]: GOLD CUP?ely_cash41: lolgator8373 [observer]: LOLtrail rated [observer]: TROPHY CLUB?The Omaholic: slay enemies with easeSir Bob Orr [observer]: lol gregTheActionKid: lolTheActionKid: 2 funnyFreddyErt [observer]: heheWOWLUCK [observer]: Tiffany Williamson?cigardad [observer]: 11 more hours to go, and we should have a winnerAJunglen7 [observer]: lolvillainy [observer]: GR I thought you were working on a book....Hemsta83 [observer]: gobboboy donked out yesterdayDsnyder9521 [observer]: omaholic is destorying peopledjeeetjet [observer]: go gregActionDave [observer]: too busy getting laidDealer: Game #12121166654: JA2377 wins pot (21000)Hemsta83 [observer]: hes a luckboxdjeeetjet [observer]: GO GREG!Zugie [observer]: this one isnt going to take that long cigarDonProvolone [observer]: after over 19 hoursgator8373 [observer]: is that really greg playing the fossilman account? ive never known him to have that kind of humourZugie [observer]: lolDealer: TheActionKid, it's your turn. You have 15 seconds to actWOWLUCK [observer]: id say 5 more hours for thisFossilMan: I think I've just been insulted by a reptile

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