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Ohio State Buckeyes

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lol Fitz.....Georgia is having a down year and we would still beat the shit outta OSU.....You, your sorry pathetic university, your pussy coach, and your horrible QB can all go eat a dick......and enjoy itHappy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!

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Please quote where i threatened to kill someone.
You said you would kill me or at the very least wanted to kill me, probably for something I said about Ohio State. I'm pretty much functionally retarded when it comes to the search feature, but I'd say I'm 94% sure. In retrospect though, it's kinda hard to believe that you take the internet so seriously.
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Fitz has a drinking problem and is prone to tilt, a little peak behind the fitz curtain for you.
Please let me know how you know what goes on "behind the curtain" in my life. Have you ever talked to me in person? No. Don't make retarded assumptions. I usually only drink once a week and it is usually on the weekend. If you consider that a drinking problem then so be it.
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